Bloomberg announced the imminent approval of new EU sanctions against Belarus

According to one of the interlocutors, the sanctions list will include Belarusian border guards and judges, the state airline Belavia, and a nitrogen fertilizer producer Grodno Azot. Reuters, citing a State Department spokesman, reports that restrictive measures will be agreed “ very soon. and Belarusneft. Subscribe to FB RBC Receive news faster than anyone

Источник For example, in mid-November, the Uzbek authorities banned Belavia. Belarus denies accusations and in response to EU measures threatens to cut off the Yamal gas pipeline & mdash; Europe. accept on flights from Tashkent citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya and Syria. 17 physical and 11 legal entities. According to the agency, 17 individuals and 11 legal entities will be subject to restrictions, including Grodno Azot, Belarusneft and Syrian Cham Wings

Countries & mdash; EU members this week will approve a new package of sanctions against Minsk due to the migration crisis on the border with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, Bloomberg reports, citing two sources aware of the upcoming measures. ''
Minsk's relations with European countries deteriorated after the presidential elections in Belarus, which took place in early August 2020. The head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell announced the preparation of the fifth package related to the migration crisis. In addition, the sanctions will be introduced against the Syrian private airline Cham Wings Airlines, the agency reports. Reuters previously wrote that 30 citizens of Belarus will be subject to sanctions, including Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei. An exception was made for passengers with diplomatic passports and a valid residence permit in Belarus. In November, Bild reported that the carrier, together with Belavia may be involved in the transport of migrants from the Middle East to Belarus, from where they get to the borders with the EU. The EU will approve another package of sanctions against Belarus this week. The United States is also preparing a new package of sanctions against Belarus. According to official data, Alexander Lukashenko won them, the EU does not recognize the voting results. The migration crisis at the borders of Belarus and the EU countries, during which refugees from Middle Eastern countries are trying to enter the European Union from Belarusian territory, has been going on since summer. Since then, Brussels has imposed four packages of sanctions against Minsk. After the EU authorities announced their intention to impose sanctions on companies and individuals, involved in the delivery of migrants to Belarus, a number of airlines and countries began to impose restrictions on the transportation of citizens of the Middle East to Belarus. According to the Financial Times, the new measures will affect not only Cham Wings, but also Minsk airport and the Minsk hotel. Amid the crisis, the Syrian company has suspended flights to Minsk. Western countries believe that it was artificially organized by the official Minsk.