Experts predicted “pinpoint” resignations of Russian governors

The factor of fatigue also plays against two other old-timers – the governors of the Sverdlovsk and Tomsk regions, Yevgeny Kuyvashev and Sergey Zhvachkin. At the same time, another communist, Andrei Klychkov, who heads the Oryol region, on the contrary, left the “red zone”, improving his position. The most precarious position belongs to the Saratov governor Valery Radaev, who is finalizing a second term. As Kommersant specifies, next year the head of Khakassia, communist Valentin Konovalov, will also be under threat of resignation. Next year, heads of regions will be elected in 12 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. They have also held their posts for 10 years. The State Council 2.0 report notes that the resignations may take place in the spring. The “old-timers”, from whom the electorate is already tired, may be dismissed. Источник Photo:
According to analysts from the communication group Minchenko Consulting, the Kremlin will hold a” spot ” rotation of governors. Given the request for a renewal of power and the fatigue of the electorate, he is in the red zone – a group of leaders facing resignation.