Lukashenka told his version of events in Crimea in 2014

Such a statement in an interview with RIA Novosti made by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. & laquo; Crimea & mdash; de facto & lt; … & gt; this is the Russian Crimea. And well done, of course, the Ukrainians. It was not at the highest level. This is not a secret for me or for Putin, '', & mdash; added Lukashenko. ''
Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014 after a referendum was held in it. “ If the President has already arrived there with the President of Russia & mdash; listen, what other confessions can there be? Yes, NATO was imprisoned in the Crimea '', & mdash; said the Belarusian president. It will not be Ukrainian either. The day before, the Belarusian president announced that he was going to visit Crimea, which would mean his recognition of the peninsula as Russian territory. They warned the Russians that Crimea will not be Russian unless you take action. He added that Putin was in favor of a referendum on the annexation of Crimea, since he “ insisted on a legal solution to this problem. Later, according to him, after a regular meeting with the Russians, the Ukrainians suggested that they convey information to President Vladimir Putin that “ the Crimea issue must be resolved. Because the guy was under external control ', & mdash; Lukashenko said. “ They (the Ukrainian military) went out to the Russians. Before the referendum on the territory of the peninsula there were armed people in military uniforms without identification marks, who were nicknamed “ polite people. My visit to Crimea, to which I have every right, under whose protectorate, the leadership of & lt; … & gt; this is my Crimea '', & mdash; said the Belarusian president. Why? '' “ According to my information, the president was reported, '' & mdash; Lukashenko said. Subscribe on Twitter RBC Receive news faster than anyone

Источник “ Poroshenko eventually agreed, but after a month he began to do the opposite. The posts were published in the agency's Telegram channel. He said that the offer to visit the peninsula was made to him by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Belarusian president also said that he conveyed to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Putin's words that Russia is ready to help with the restoration of Donbass in the event of a cessation of hostilities. According to the Belarusian president, Ukrainian colleagues invited the Russian military to Crimea in order to prevent NATO invasion

The Ukrainian military themselves offered their Russian colleagues in 2014 to save Crimea from the NATO invasion. And, as usual, they drank a glass, and a conversation began. And whose & mdash; NATO. & lt; … & gt ;. '' Later, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that they were the Russian military.