Mishustin showed in Dubai how Mayakovsky and Rihanna are connected

The brain makes the most important decisions. And once Russia even claimed the status of a host country, but despite a solid support group, which, in addition to Putin and Gorbachev, included Rostropovich and Plisetskaya, who were still alive at that time, did not win the competition. This year, near the entrance to the exposition, there were more harmless figures – two bears and a smiling hare from Smeshariki, but before the arrival of Mikhail Mishustin, they were prudently removed. “Such famous people as Tolstoy, a famous writer, Tchaikovsky, a famous musician, Mendeleev, a famous scientist, were born in your country,” he listed and summed up, “Their inventions influenced the whole world.”
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Day of Russia, Mikhail Mishustin said that the authorities are closely following how the UAE organized the EXPO, since they expect to host this exhibition in 2030. World EXPO exhibitions, which are held every five years, consistently attract the attention of the Russian authorities. “We will make every effort to get the opportunity to implement the main idea of ​​our application -“ Progress of mankind. I am sure that no computers and technologies will replace the brain, the person himself and the human essence, ”the prime minister said. I am sure that the choice of Moscow will be the best, ”the prime minister said. “Well, let's fight. “Russian creativity continues to inspire the whole world. The Russian pavilion in Dubai is one of the most visited: it attracts with its unusual design (the facade of the building consists of intertwined tubes-threads, symbolizing the endless process of cognition) and original content (inside there is a five-meter installation of the human brain, on which a cognitive show is broadcast). Out-of-the-box thinking and ingenuity are inalienable features of our people, ”Mishustin believes. Recently, the president and prime minister have been visiting them in turn. If she wins, everything will be done at the highest level, ”the prime minister promised. The concept that emphasizes that Russia strives for progress and general harmony, and not for strife and provocations, as ill-wishers claim, should win the hearts of the jury. In addition to watching several multimedia shows, visitors to the Russian pavilion can learn how the theory of six handshakes through Chukovsky, Solzhenitsyn, Putin, Queen Elizabeth II and her grandson Prince Harry connects Vladimir Mayakovsky and singer Rihanna. The curators of the exposition clearly tried to show a non-standard approach, and this did not go unnoticed by the distinguished guests. Photo: government.ru. It costs from 12 to 16 thousand rubles to join the “Putin's team” at EXPO-2020
Mikhail Mishustin, during his visit to EXPO-2020 in Dubai, expressed the hope that in nine years, the most prestigious international exhibition will reach Moscow. Leave your digital footprint on your interactive flooring. In addition, good brains are what Russia is justifiably proud of: the exposition reminds us that our compatriots invented a radio, an electric light bulb and television, and were the first to launch a man into space. By the way, Putin team t-shirts are also sold there at quite a “Dubai” price – from 12 to 16 thousand rubles per piece. The mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin, who participated in the presentation of the megalopolis's capabilities, admitted that the competitors are serious. Al Nahyan, who is a member of the country's ruling dynasty, made it clear that he is not hearsay familiar with the many achievements of Russians and with Russian culture. As for the matryoshka spoons, this time you can only see them in the gift shop. “This is the most unexplored, amazing part of the body. This time, South Korean Busan is considered the main rival. In 2015, Vladimir Putin's visit to the EXPO in Milan was combined with another round of Normandy Four talks on Donbass. And in 2010, there was an embarrassment in Shanghai: at the Russian pavilion of the then Prime Minister, Medvedev met Dunno, which gave rise to many memes and jokes. Dubai
Источник www.mk.ru “Our application is the best. Even the process itself is important both for the advancement of our country and for ourselves, “the mayor said, noting that regardless of the jury's decision, Moscow will develop in such a way as to remain one of the world leaders. And also look into the “Rabbit Hole”, which is not at all about rabbits, but about how snakes, sharks, horses and chameleons see the world around them. A common vision of a harmonious world ”. The Russian capital has already applied for EXPO-2010, but lost to China. These are South Korea (Busan), Saudi Arabia (Air Riyadh) and Italy (Rome). The brain, as Mishustin explained to the UAE Minister of Tolerance Al Nahyan, who accompanied him, did not become the center of the exhibition by chance. “We, as you know, do not like to waste time,” he assured.