Save the planet together. Big business is fighting for the environment in the regions

The new center appeared as a result of & nbsp; joint work of Procter & amp; Gamble and the popular retail chain Pyaterochka with the participation of experts in the field of sustainable development and ecology & mdash; & nbsp; projects & laquo; Assembly & raquo; and EcoTechnology Group. We hope that our initiative will inspire many and become an impetus for the construction of similar objects in other cities '', & nbsp; & mdash; emphasized & nbsp; Mikhail Yartsev , Marketing Director of the Pyaterochka retail chain. “ My role in the project “ Let's Save the Planet Together '' & rdquo; & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; help make responsible consumption and sustainable lifestyles more popular and attractive for all people in Russia, without exception. It is especially valuable that the residents of our large country played the most active role in this project, voting for the opening of a new eco-infrastructure facility in their city. We are very pleased that, together with our partners, we have brought this project to life and taken another step towards responsible consumption and a better future for us and our planet. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Photo: P & amp; G Press Office. & nbsp;
“ Our goal is & mdash; & nbsp; to be a force for positive change in society. At the first stage of the project, Yekaterinburg became the winner, but the project continues, and very soon a new environmental center will appear in another region '', & mdash; & nbsp; comments & nbsp; Ruslan Nozdryakov , Senior Director for Corporate Communications and Sustainable Development, P & amp ; G in Eastern Europe. Источник I believe that everyone can change their daily habits, whether it's collecting and recycling waste separately or going to the store with a reusable bag. The Ecocenter has already opened its doors to all residents of Yekaterinburg & mdash; & nbsp; everyone who is not indifferent to the ecological well-being of their city can bring recyclable materials to hand them over for processing. This is especially true for the regions. The Ecocenter also plans regular workshops and lectures on the topic of responsible consumption and sustainable living. An eco-center was opened in Yekaterinburg as part of the Let's Save the Planet Together project, which should contribute to the development of the necessary infrastructure for the separate collection and processing of secondary waste. The goal of the “ Let's Save the Planet Together '' project, within which a new eco-center was created in Yekaterinburg, & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; to make responsible consumption easier and more convenient for buyers, and creating an infrastructure for collecting and sorting waste will become important a step in this direction. Many thanks to the residents of Yekaterinburg and the region for their support and willingness to contribute to the good of the planet '', & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; the singer and ambassador of the project & nbsp; Glucose comments on her participation. & Nbsp;
Environmental Center “ Assembly '' in Yekaterinburg provides city residents with the opportunity to be more responsible and environmentally friendly. & nbsp;

Photo: P & amp; G Press Office. Thanks to simple and understandable mechanics and the active involvement of guests of our stores, a new infrastructure facility has appeared, which will now help the residents of Yekaterinburg to be closer to conscious consumption. The Ambassador of the Let's Save the Planet Together project took part in the opening ceremony. And the first 100 visitors who handed over waste for recycling will receive valuable gifts from Procter & amp; Gamble. The initiative was highly appreciated by local residents & mdash; & nbsp; during the national Internet voting, Yekaterinburg residents were the most & nbsp; active, and their voices influenced where the center will be built. Photo: P & amp; G Press Office. singer Glucose by recording a tour of the Build Ecocenter. In addition to the collection point for recyclable materials, the center has a store with zero waste goods and products of local brands, a special exposition dedicated to recycling technologies, where everyone can learn more about how the life cycle of household waste works. & Nbsp;
“ Our joint action as a whole was aimed at ridding Russians of the stereotype that it is difficult to be environmentally responsible.