The admiral spoke about the provocative activities of the United States in the Arctic

Admiral Moiseev responded to accusations from the West against the Russian Federation of “militarizing” the Arctic. After the collapse of the USSR, the military infrastructure in the Far North was severely degraded. Intelligence records an increase in NATO military activity near the Russian borders
The Arctic is of great interest to various states, including those located thousands of kilometers from the region. Источник In the Arctic, there are up to 50 military infrastructure facilities of foreign states, such as the USA, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Iceland. In 2019, there were 7 such flights (17 aircraft), and in 2021 – already 10 (28 aircraft). For example, a continuous zone of radar detection of air and surface targets along the northern border of the Russian Federation has been recreated, the underwater situation in the coastal areas of the Arctic zone is being monitored. In 2019-2021, almost 60 military exercises and trainings were held in the region. For example, the rather large Pacific Fleet is operatively subordinate to the commander of the Eastern Military District, and the Black Sea Fleet is subordinate to the commander of the Southern Military District. The polar airfield network and port infrastructure are being restored. New military camps have been built on the islands of the Arctic Ocean and on the Arctic coast. But the Northern Fleet today, on the contrary, unites not only divisions of submarine missile carriers and surface ships, but also brigades of ground forces, air defense units and aviation, which are deployed in the north – from the border with Norway and almost to Alaska. Protects the most important transport artery – the Northern Sea Route, the wealth of our shelf. Due to a lack of funds, many military camps and airfields were abandoned, and air defense units were reduced. Photo: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
The Northern Fleet has long received the status of a joint strategic command and is equated to a military district. Over the past three years, the number of single and group flights over the Arctic by strategic bomber aircraft of the US Air Force has increased. Petersburg. The military activity of foreign states in the North has grown. “Russia is significantly inferior to the United States and NATO in terms of the number of military facilities in the Arctic,” the admiral said and cited intelligence data. The US Navy and NATO regularly send ships to the Barents Sea. The Northern Fleet protects the country's territory from attacks from the sea and air in the most important direction. 19 thousand people are serving at these facilities. In the reconnaissance system of the sea and air situation, huge holes were formed, which, if desired, could be used by any enemy. These are 22 airfields, 23 naval bases, basing points or ports used, including for military purposes, as well as 4 nuclear-strike warning radars. NATO's military activity in the Arctic has increased. The military task is to be ready to inflict unacceptable damage on any aggressor. All this forces Russia to take measures to protect its interests in the northern latitudes. This was stated by the commander of the Russian Northern Fleet, Admiral Alexander Moiseev at the International Arctic Forum in St. But now the matter has been corrected, said Admiral Moiseev. Moiseev. Such actions are provocative and have a negative impact on the regional security system as a whole, ”warned Admiral A. Now it is possible to use military airfields as spare for civil aviation.