The Latvian deputy decided to open a case for espionage in favor of Russia

During the Soviet era, Adamsons held various positions in the USSR Navy. Prosecutor Juris Lochmelis said that the Seimas has not yet considered the request concerning Adamsons. In the summer, as part of the parliamentarian case in Latvia, a Russian was detained

Janis Adamsons
The Prosecutor General's Office of Latvia appealed to the Diet (unicameral parliament) of the country with a request to consent to a criminal case against the deputy Janis Adamsons, reports He does not have access to state secrets, but the deputy could participate in commission meetings where they discuss “ information with limited access '', reports Whatever the Sejm decides, it’s difficult for me to comment on what I don’t know. In most cases, the newspaper notes, the Seimas gave the appropriate permission. In addition, writes, the deputy could inform Russia about the position of the Baltic states on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. The parliamentarian was suspected of transmitting information to Russia over the past four years & mdash; according to Latvian Television, it is about data related to military purchases, budget, amendments to laws and the situation on the eastern border of Latvia. On June 10, parliament approved by a majority vote a search at the deputy’s place of residence and work, his arrest and detention. Adamsons was arrested early in the summer. This summer, the State Security Service detained him on suspicion of spying for Russia. Silonov, RIA Novosti reported at the Russian embassy. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he was Deputy Commander of the Latvian Naval Forces and Commander of the Border Guard Brigade, but then came into politics. The department intends to start criminal prosecution against another person & mdash; who is in question is not specified. Adamsons works in the parliamentary commission on defense, internal affairs and prevention of corruption. ”
In June, in the Adamsons case, a Russian citizen G.V. According to the Seimas regulations, the decision on consent to a criminal case against a member of parliament, his arrest or search is made on the basis of the report of the mandate commission, ethics and statements. The deputy said that he had no idea what his accuse: “ I do not feel any sins. Subscribe to VK RBC Receive news faster than anyone

Источник The investigation believes that for four years he transmitted data on military purchases and the budget to Russia. MP Janis Adamsons was arrested in June. He is 65 years old.