Volodin asked Russians to name who destroyed the USSR

& ndash; This is a tragedy for all of us: everything that was defended, built and created during the previous time, collapsed … ''
As follows from the first results of the vote, Volodin's subscribers are inclined to blame the renegades for the collapse of the country, but by no means the actions of the authorities. '' about the upcoming system of QR codes. For example, an hour after the poll was launched, the most popular answer (54%) was “betrayal of the elites.” The second most popular (23%) & ndash; & quot; foreign interference. Some are of the opinion that modern Russia faces the same scenario due to the introduction of QR codes: supporters of this version call this pandemic measure “ segregation. In those comments, the vast majority of entries were from opponents of the introduction of QR codes. Comments under the post are multiplying, opinions differ greatly. Photo: kremlin.ru
State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin in his telegram channel launched a poll on the reasons for the collapse of the USSR. At the same time, many commentators write that they consider all of the above factors acting simultaneously to be the cause of the country's collapse. He invited the channel subscribers and other interested users of the messenger to choose one of the proposed answer options. He promised that all opinions will be examined and decisions will be made in accordance with them. According to Volodin, the reasons for the destruction of the Union could be: “weak leadership”, “betrayal of the party elites”, “empty shelves in stores”, “lack of competition in politics” monopoly on power of one party, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union “,” foreign intervention. Источник www.mk.ru “
” The USSR collapsed 30 years ago, ” Volodin writes. & quot; The readers of Volodin's channel did not notice the economic reasons in the events of 30 years ago, only 2% of the survey participants considered “ empty shelves '' a sufficient argument for the people's desire for change. At the same time, the proposed answers & ndash; from different categories and are not mutually exclusive.