AKTHESAVIOR – Let It Breathe lyrics

Let It Breathe lyrics

AKTHESAVIOR – Let It Breathe lyrics
Many days lost, clock tickin the comb was tossed
Stay equipped for war, its my pigment versus the law
Some things will never change, like the late spirit Shakur
Still I saw, yeah, fly like an eagle can’t seal me off
Step in the game, uh, like the solar shining my rays, uh
Piss poor I made some change using my brain, uh
Till the dawn I be up grinding that sh*ts my ways, still I pray, uh
See my ambition now she amazed, uh
My team my legion we don’t need a coach
When the tension straight from the heart the most elite approach
I seen the light in my eyes show it
That’s why a ni**a stay focused to process the moments
Sippin’ nectar with my feet up this sh*t was a dream, uh
I’m a smoker ain’t poppin’ no beam, uh
And I been zonin’, so let’s get lonin
It be your mind that’s the opponent
Until you own it, thats why im glowin, uh
Never know how far you can go until you reach
Fail fast so a ni**a learn the greatest speed
Got a new senorita, I fu*k her mind not just in between her
Can’t match the high we be hittin zenith
Count my blessings each stage
I got a thing for no ones and I dont mean Jays
My vision never delayed, representin BK
Spreading love while he hate, I start the trends yall be late
I doubt these ni**as relate
Now let that sh*t breathe
All my old hoes lost won’t find the next me
So when my sh*t pop off don’t come and text me
I know its petty, I’m falling swiftly, uh, yeah
I cherish the moments cherish the days sippin mimosa and chardonnay, look where we done came, uh, yeah
What’s written won’t change, lost it several times I ain’t perfect you gotta learn from pain, uh, yeah
I let that b*tch breath, yeah, uh
Someone done hexed me, yeah
If I die, they gon avenge me
You know when life give you some lemons I made it Simply
I got a pulse, until the day that I dont – I gotta stomp
And getting paid, the results I’m adios
Hit exhaust, see the smoke and I be ghost – skrrr
Most these ni**as dont got the heart missin the spark
And wonder why Captain Planet won’t spawn
My ni**as are gon get it but within the way it starts step out the dark we winnin now the world we can embark
Can’t chase my spirit my conscious too legit
Till we learn how to love we can never coexist
It be the ni**as that hate themselves that hiss
Still treat em equal I’m always takin risks
Know I stay with it fu*k what it seems get it by all means
Momma had a dream some say I’m foreseen
Yeah, you know my motive elevated promotion stay golden you know we chosen, uh
Most days I sit and pray that I keep flowin what I did so I can spread the grace
Remember days ni**as doubted and now they changin face
Stay with my family was round me long way before the stage
Yeah, I cherish in the day
Word to chardonnay that be how all my goals have been attained
Yeah, and that’s the sh*t I breath (x4)
AKTHESAVIOR – Let It Breathe lyrics