Arkady Dubnov: “In a day, something monstrous happened in Kazakhstan”

Another thing is that these gangs began to show themselves from the middle of January 5. Perhaps a new scenario is playing, with the involvement of the CSTO member states in resolving this crisis. This is all a reason to appeal to the CSTO with a request to send troops. I have a feeling that they were removed by some former Kazakh security officials who were dismissed. After all, just yesterday, few people expected such a development of events. But suddenly one of the Kazakhs starts firing, what then? And a day later, it turns out that something monstrous has happened, there are people of unknown origin on the streets. It will be good if our servicemen sit in barracks or guard vital infrastructure facilities in Kazakhstan. – Just yesterday, in the middle of the day, Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow does not receive any offers with a request for help and we see no reason for external interference. On this score, the Kazakh authorities do not provide any evidence. They are reported in the media, there are several dozen of them, this is a lot! They are locals, what have international gangs to do with it? Who just yesterday, January 5, did not say anything about the fact that international terrorist gangs are operating in the country? We are aware of what this can lead to? It was believed that the Kazakh authorities would deal with the causes of “internal destabilization in the country” themselves. However, the reasons for such a decision seem unconvincing to me. Источник Anatomy of a strange riot
The unexpected transfer of the collective peacekeeping forces of the CSTO to Kazakhstan gives rise to a lot of controversy in our society. Kazakh security forces in Almaty Photo: AP
– The introduction of peacekeepers into Kazakhstan may be justified. They are well organized, armed and controlled by someone. And in Russia, peacekeepers are already ready to send. But where are their names, how and where did it happen? After all, Tokayev began to put very strong pressure on Nazarbayev's entourage. – From the point of view of big politics, we are entering an Asian country with Russian Slavic forces. The so-called international gangs are made up of Kazakhs of “domestic” origin. Political scientist Arkady Dubnov expressed his opinion on the situation. They did not come from Russia through Orenburg and not from Uzbekistan through Chimkent. What President Tokayev said about “essentially international gangs” does not sound very clear. It's a completely different story. And these are not the same people who initially came out to the squares and clashed with the riot police. And then – I can't understand: what kind of peaceful protesters who died during the clashes? Talking about the fact that they have received special training somewhere – all this is a linden. Where was the National Security Committee of Kazakhstan?