Belarus has decided on the date of the referendum on the Constitution

A total of 89 edits are proposed. Oppositionists urge Belarusians to come to polling stations, collect ballots and make them invalid. The final draft of the new Belarusian Constitution, which will be put to the vote, was published at the end of last year. In his opinion, this period is sufficient for Belarusians to “start living according to the law”; and “Quietly rebuild everything.” At the same time, he assured that he did not recognize any means of changing power in the republic, except for “fair elections.” “I swear to you as to my people. It was announced and actively started to be prepared immediately after the events of late summer-autumn 2020, when tens of thousands of Belarusians protested demanding Lukashenka's resignation and against the violence of the security forces. In November 2020, the Belarusian president promised that “with the new Constitution, I will no longer work with you as president.”
Now he has revised this position, follows from his latest statements. At it, Lukashenka's activists adopted a declaration program for the next five-year period. What to expect after the referendum
In order for a new Constitution to be adopted, it must be approved by a majority of citizens on the voting lists. Why do we need a new body of democracy
In addition to changing existing articles, it is proposed to add a new section to the new Constitution, dedicated to the All-Belarusian People's Assembly (VNS). The assembly did not have any official status and real powers. 130,000 Belarusians and many leaders of the Belarusian opposition are holders of the Pole's Card (issued to those who have proven their belonging to the Polish people and provides benefits, for example, for education). If the amendments are adopted, he also cannot be held accountable for the actions that he committed as president. In another two or three years, the country can start discussing the transit of power

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has set a date for a referendum on amending the Constitution. Including prescribe that one and the same person cannot hold the post of president of the country for more than two terms (now there are no restrictions). Total— 1200 people. I will not hold power by force,»,— once again promised Lukashenko. It is also proposed to change the second part of Article 18. Reasons for this— gross violations of the Constitution, treason or other grave crimes. The referendum was supposed to be a point of reconciliation between opponents and supporters of the authorities in Belarus. It will only be so. If accepted, only a citizen over 40 years old (previously 35 years old), who has permanently resided in Belarus for the last 20 years (instead of ten), and has never previously had foreign citizenship or any other foreign document giving the right to benefits (this condition did not exist before). Therefore, we will hold a referendum, & mdash; he said. It is proposed to give the SPC broad powers, such as the appointment of judges of the Supreme and Constitutional Courts, members of the Central Election Commission. I don't think it will start. The delegates will have the right to impeach the president with a two-thirds vote. declare that Belarus will offer Russia to deploy nuclear weapons on its territory if NATO takes a similar step in Poland. The term of the body in one composition— five years. It will have to meet without fail for discussions and decision-making— at least once a year. I spoke about it. “It's not a pro choice” and “against”, it's just a proposal to choose between Lukashenka and Lukashenka, — considers Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, ex-presidential candidate. What is proposed to be changed and what tactics the opposition has chosen On February 27, a referendum on amending the Constitution will be held in Belarus. On January 21, the Belarusian opposition agreed on a common strategy for action at a referendum, which it considers illegitimate. On January 21, he said that the transit of power could be discussed two or three years after the adoption of the new Constitution. “The limits on the number of terms of the president shall take effect from the day the newly elected president takes office,” — specified in the document. It is proposed to amend and supplement Article 80, dedicated to who can be a candidate for the presidency of Belarus. The new version of this article will say that “The Republic of Belarus excludes military aggression from its territory against other states.” On Friday, Lukashenka said that if they begin to deploy armies against the Union State of Russia and Belarus, put various kinds of sanctions on the brink of survival, intimidate and threaten, then Moscow and Minsk “will break so that it will not seem enough.”

In addition, it is proposed to clarify that “marriage”— it is “the union of a man and a woman.” And also that “the preservation of the historical memory of the heroic past of the Belarusian people, patriotism” & mdash; the duty of every citizen. The SNA will also have the right to determine the main directions of domestic and foreign policy, call referendums, propose amendments to the Constitution, impose martial law, consider the issue of the legitimacy of elections, and submit bills to parliament. On Friday, January 21, Lukashenka said that only war can prevent the vote, but it is unlikely. It will take place on February 27th. The chairman elected by the delegates will head the SNC. Subscribe to Instagram RBC Get news faster than anyone else

Источник The VNS has been conducted every five years since 1996. This did not prevent Lukashenka in an interview with RIA Novosti in early December. And no one will dominate anyone. That is, Alexander Lukashenko, if he wants, will be able to complete his sixth consecutive term (ends in 2025) and then be re-elected two more times for five years. Now it is proposed to make the SNC “the highest representative body of democracy”. Now it says that “the Republic of Belarus aims to make its territory a nuclear-free zone, and the state— neutral". “The referendum and similar events can not take place only in one case: if, God forbid, the war starts. Alexander Lukashenko said that only “war” could prevent this. Lukashenka previously called it the “Belarusian veche.” The assembly will be elected for five years and will include representatives of the three branches of government and “civil society”.