Bloomberg learned about a possible request from China to Putin not to invade Ukraine

“This is no longer a fake, this is an informational special operation of the relevant American services through Bloomberg,” — she pointed out. Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov stressed that Kiev itself is increasing the number of troops, and NATO is “pumping Ukraine with weapons.” and conducts provocative activities near the Russian borders. Later, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denied this information. Some countries announced a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics. “Dear friend, distinguished President Xi Jinping, I hope that next February we will finally be able to meet in person in Beijing. “The war has been going on for the eighth year now, now is not the time to panic, escalate the situation, buy buckwheat and matches,” — he said. In Russia, it has been repeatedly stated that there are no plans for an “invasion”; the country does not, and the movement of troops across Russian territory is exclusively an internal affair of the state. In turn, Xi Jinping said that he was looking forward to the visit of the Russian president and his participation in the opening ceremony of the Olympics. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing an unnamed diplomat in the Chinese capital. The agency, citing military analysts, indicates that by the time the truce ends in Ukraine, a thaw will begin, and the landscape will turn into “impenetrable mud”, which should prevent a quick “Russian invasion”. Bloomberg: Xi Jinping could have asked Putin “not to invade” Ukraine because of the Olympics According to a Chinese diplomat, Xi Jinping is trying to strengthen his authority ahead of a possible third term, so he asked Vladimir Putin “not to start hostilities during the Beijing Olympics”

Xi Jinping
During a recent conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping may have asked him to “not invade” to Ukraine during the Olympic Games in Beijing, which will be held from 4 to 20 February. US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland indicated that 100,000 Russian troops were planning to carry out an “invasion”; to Ukraine at the beginning of 2022. Subscribe to RBC FB Get news faster than anyone

Источник According to the source, the Chinese leader is seeking to strengthen his authority at home ahead of a possible third term in office, and the crisis in Europe— “the last thing he needs.”
According to Bloomberg, it was in connection with this that the Chinese Foreign Ministry reminded on January 14 that all countries are obliged to comply with the UN resolution on the Olympic Truce, which is valid seven days before the start of the Games and seven days after the end of the Paralympic Games. <…> We will hold talks with you, and then we will take part in the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, — said the president. Among them: USA, Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Australia. In 2022, this is the time period from January 28 to March 20. Putin confirmed his intention to go to the Beijing Olympics on December 15 as part of online talks with Xi Jinping. The Winter Olympic Games in Beijing will be held from February 4 to 20, the Paralympic— from 4 to 13 March. Since the fall of 2021, the United States has been warning allies about an allegedly impending “Russian invasion” to Ukraine. At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged citizens not to panic. Such a boycott does not mean the athletes' refusal to participate in the event, however, the Games will not be visited by senior officials and diplomats of these states.