Cashless payments stopped working in Kazakhstan

In this regard, the sites of local media and government agencies turned out to be unavailable. According to her, queues were lined up at the ATMs. For the fourth day in the country, the protests caused by the rise in prices for liquefied gas continue. Video
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Источник At the same time, on the morning of January 5, the Agency of Kazakhstan for the Regulation and Development of the Financial Market and the National Bank of the Republic reported that all financial organizations are working as usual. “ Grocery and convenience stores only accept cash payments. In the second half of January 5, the Internet in the country was completely turned off. Some grocery delivery services have suspended operations & raquo;, & mdash; writes the edition. Earlier, the Internet was turned off in the republic, as a result of which payment by cards and through mobile applications stopped working

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Against the background of the Internet shutdown in Kazakhstan, non-cash payments stopped working, and therefore residents began to withdraw money en masse ATMs, Sputnik Kazakhstan reported. The fact that acquiring and mobile payment applications do not work in the country is also reported by Roskomsvoboda. Private traders also ask for payment in cash. At the same time, according to, residents of Alma-Ata complained in the morning that they could not withdraw cash from ATMs. Residents of Kazakhstan began to withdraw cash in large quantities, queues lined up at the ATMs. Problems with access to the Internet in Kazakhstan began the day before, on January 4. The authorities claim that temporary disruptions in the operation of banking applications and payment terminals are associated with general network outages, writes.