Center them. Gamaleya: “Sputnik V” produces twice as many antibodies as Pfizer

Gamalei, referring to the results of a joint study with the National Italian Institute Lazzaro Spallanzani. F. Researchers believe that “Sputnik” gives a stronger immune response due to a wider spectrum of virus-neutralizing antibodies and better imitation of infection by the adenovirus platform. and the Pfizer drug with similar levels of IgG antibodies and virus-neutralizing activity to the original strain registered in Wuhan. The blood sera of individuals vaccinated with Sputnik V were compared. The Gamaleya Center also noted the high efficiency of the Sputnik Light drug; against «omicron» when used as a booster vaccine. Plot Fourth wave of coronavirus in Russia

Russian vaccine “Sputnik V” two times more effective against the Omicron strain than the drug from Pfizer, said the NITsEM them. The Australian regulator noted that the drug from the Russian Federation showed 89% effectiveness against coronavirus infection. Recall that on January 17, the Australian authorities allowed entry into the country vaccinated with two doses of the Sputnik V vaccine. N. “According to the results of the study, the vaccine” Sputnik V ” demonstrated the titer of virus-neutralizing antibodies to the strain “omicron” (B.1.1.529) more than twice as high compared to two shots of Pfizer vaccine (2.1 times as high overall and 2.6 times as high 'mdash; three months after vaccination)', 'mdash RIA Novosti quotes a message from the research center. It turned out that the Russian drug neutralized the Omicron strain; in 74.2% of cases, and the Pfizer — 56.9%. Источник The study was conducted on the basis of an Italian institute.