Expert criticized the idea of ​​creating a Turkic army

The heads of the foreign affairs agencies are going to discuss the situation in Kazakhstan and offer their assistance in resolving it. – Initially, they were all close to the Turkish idea of ​​creating a “Great Turan”. Each country is sovereign, and can make allies at its discretion. True, the need for such assistance is questionable after the CSTO peacekeeping mission. But I think that Karauz's statement, to be honest, is about nothing. A number of countries share it now. But, I repeat, I think that in this case, Turkey's plans are not destined to come true. These countries are part of the so-called Organization of Turkic States. This means the creation of a joint army. Источник Perhaps the funding came from abroad. If you want to help, please, help, but it is too presumptuous to declare the creation of a united armed forces. The situation is not the same. Photo:
Karauz made his statement on the eve of the talks between the foreign ministers of Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, scheduled for January 11. For example, the same Uzbekistan. According to him, “it is urgent to take concrete steps in this direction.” This idea was commented on by an MK expert. “Turkish influence on Kazakhstan will end”
The Turkic states should create a joint armed forces and send a delegation to Kazakhstan. Retired brigadier general of the Turkish army Yudzhel Karauz stated this in an interview with the “Turkey” newspaper. If you have noticed, Tokayev is now behaving rather restrainedly in relations with the Turks. – It is already obvious that among the militants who caused riots on the streets of the cities there were foreigners, it is possible that they were from Turkey. Commenting on the decisive appeal of the Turkish general, military expert Anatoly Matveychuk told MK that it is unlikely that the idea of ​​a Turkic army will “be crowned with success.” – he said. They, in turn, realizing this, try to prove that their influence still remains.