How to write correctly – Alma-ata or Almaty?

there is nothing to worry about, – said “AiF” Scientific Director of the Center for Media Communications Research of the Institute of the Russian Language. «For native Russian speakers in such renaming – Alma-Ata – Almaty, Chimkent – Shymkent, etc. And how to incline it? In newspaper articles, both these names can be used as equivalent, but in official documents, out of respect, one should use the variant that is accepted in Kazakhstan itself. Let's say Alma-Ata is feminine, so in Alma-Ata, in Alma-Ata, etc. The same applies to other former republics of the USSR: Kyrgyzstan – Kyrgyzstan, Moldova – Moldova, Belarus – Belarus, etc.»
Источник – The issue of declination is solved taking into account the rules of the Russian language. Pushkin Andrey Shcherbakov. 03. 19/01/2022
How to correctly spell the name of the former capital of Kazakhstan – Alma-Ata or Almaty? When will the modernization of public transport reach cities and villages? Either a bus, or a vision. The new name, on the contrary, is not inclined: I went to Almaty, grew up in Almaty, etc. Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No.