Internet was turned off all over Kazakhstan

The rallies were accompanied by clashes with the security forces. Subsequently, the protesters put forward a number of political demands. In the second half of January 5, this outage “ escalated into a network outage across the country, '' NetBlocks said. The websites of the president and the government of Kazakhstan, as well as the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a number of other state agencies, are also inaccessible. The Internet in Kazakhstan was turned off amid mass protests. The Internet in Kazakhstan was turned off amid massive protests that began after a sharp increase in prices for liquefied gas. the work of the mobile Internet and partial restrictions. Sputnik Kazakhstan website also doesn't work. They began after a sharp increase in the price of liquefied gas. The fact that the Internet was turned off in Kazakhstan was also reported by the KazTAG agency. Media portals and websites of a number of government agencies do not work in the country

The Internet was turned off throughout Kazakhstan, it follows from the data of the NetBlocks organization that monitors the operation of the Network. On the morning of January 5, the government of the republic resigned. Video
It recalled that problems with access to the Internet in the republic began the day before, on January 4. In particular, it is not possible to visit the pages of such media as, and RBC sent a request to Kazakhtelecom JSC. Protesters stormed the administration buildings and the old presidential residence in Almaty. A state of emergency has been introduced in the city, as well as in the capital Nur-Sultan, Alma-Ata and Mangistau regions. Subscribe on Twitter RBK Get news faster than anyone

Источник “ The work of the portal has been suspended due to the lack of the Internet '', & mdash; reported in the Telegram agency. This is likely to severely limit coverage of the growing anti-government protests, '' & mdash; stated in the organization.