“It’s not very smart to talk about the invasion of Russian troops in Kazakhstan”

There is looting in the city. And the rampant banditry will be stopped by our policemen and soldiers with minimal casualties. Naturally, there is a curfew throughout Kazakhstan, as well as a state of emergency. In the hands of one of them a shield taken from a policeman Photo: AP
– Due to pandemic restrictions, I spend more time in Moscow. My editorial office is located there. Any violence is evil, and it does not only lead to negative consequences. We see how the peaceful protest continues to be peaceful in the West of the country, neither in the North, nor in the East there are no big clashes. Now it is difficult to say who is behind the collisions. The fact is that my wife is a citizen of Russia, she is a Muscovite, so I am here. Although there are many more protesters in the West. – I would do the same as now. According to reports from my colleagues, there is shooting in places. What currency – by God! The authorities urged the population not to move along the streets during the CTO. Journalist Pavel Bannikov assessed what is happening in his homeland
Pavel Bannikov is an essayist, journalist, one of the most famous Kazakh Russian-speaking poets. The protest is not made with a weapon in hand. But you can tell exactly who is behind the protests. A video of a powerful shooting on Republic Square in Almaty has been published
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Источник www.mk.ru We have a nuclear fuel storage facility and the Baikonur cosmodrome. – What is happening is different processes in different cities. – Communication is very intermittent – literally minutes every 5-10 hours. This is not a premonition and has nothing to do with political events at all. – It should be remembered that one of the goals of this organization is to preserve the territorial integrity of the participating states. These are ordinary citizens. – In the West and in a number of other cities, the protesters and the republican authorities are in dialogue. CSTO units will be involved in the protection of strategic facilities. Kazakhstan is very large, its economic structure and mentality are different in different places. And this dialogue turns out. But my work, my relatives, is in Almaty. Banks do not work, ATMs are looted. The anti-terrorist operation in Almaty, judging by the footage that I see, is being carried out on our own. And there is a looting of weapons stores, ammunition depots. And of course, I would support loved ones personally, and not at a distance. Protesters in Almaty. And it is wrong to transfer all this to the experience of Belarus or Ukraine for a number of reasons – both cultural and geographical. The participating country asked the members of the treaty to help with the peacekeeping force. I understand the discontent of my fellow citizens and I believe that they have the right to protest, and the authorities should hear people. As the chief editor of the “Factcheck in Kazakhstan” project, he has been dealing with fakes, stuffing and Internet myths for many years. This is a big problem. So his view of what is happening in his native country is distinguished by balance and objectivity. In Almaty, it remains to be hoped that during the special operation those who went out for changes and reforms without weapons in their hands will not suffer. Economic in the first place. Peaceful protest has no leaders at the moment. And along with peaceful demonstrators, armed criminals are at work. I would try to deal with the most correct coverage of events, check disinformation stuffing, perhaps, organize volunteer assistance to victims. Therefore, talking about some kind of “invasion” of Russian troops into Kazakhstan is, at the very least, not very smart. Because it is very difficult to move between countries. As for the parties, I am a journalist, not a politician. But political too. They are scattered and unhappy with the status quo. It is difficult to talk about the focus of the requirements, since there is no single headquarters. But in Almaty, the peaceful protest failed as semi-criminal and radical groups joined in. Now there is no connection – a counter-terrorist operation is underway.