Lukashenka promised to return Ukraine to the “bosom of the Slavs”

Putin called this law an example of the unfriendly attitude of the current Kiev administration towards Russia. In the summer of 2021, he wrote an article “On the historical unity of Russians and Ukrainians”, which was published in Russian and Ukrainian on the Kremlin website. Sit in Ukraine and call those who want peace, including Belarusians. We, the three Slavic peoples, must resolve this conflict, because this is our home. And there you can’t turn away: either decide, or say that you don’t want to solve this conflict, & mdash; he said in September 2019 at a meeting with Ukrainian journalists. Subscribe to VK RBC Get news faster all

Источник The author analyzed the history of the two peoples and their current relationship, which developed due to a series of mistakes of the two countries, as well as under the influence of “the purposeful work of those forces that have always sought to undermine our unity.”
“And Russians, and Ukrainians, and Belarusians— heirs of Ancient Russia, which was the largest state in Europe. We will definitely do it. The fact that Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are connected by fraternal relations was also mentioned by President Vladimir Putin. And no “parochial political ambitions” can change this fact

Alexander Lukashenko
It is necessary to preserve the brotherhood of the Slavic peoples of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, which is much more important than far-fetched grievances and small-town political ambitions, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said during an address to the people. He also emphasized that Russia has never been and never will be “anti-Ukraine”. Slavic and other tribes in a vast area— from Ladoga, [Veliky] Novgorod, Pskov to Kiev and Chernigov— were united by one language (now we call it Old Russian), economic ties, the power of the princes of the Rurik dynasty. With the proposal that “three Slavic peoples” should resolve the conflict in Donbass, he spoke earlier, in 2018. President of Belarus Lukashenko: “We will return our Ukraine to the bosom of our Slavs” Fraternal Slavic peoples live in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, Alexander Lukashenko announced. Video
Ukraine, according to the President of Belarus, has become the subject of behind-the-scenes bargaining, and its citizens are purposefully prepared for aggression and form their hostile attitude “to the fraternal peoples , including Belarusians». In May 2021, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky submitted a draft law on the indigenous peoples of Ukraine to the Verkhovna Rada. At the same time, the document separately defines the indigenous peoples of Ukraine formed on the Crimean peninsula: these are the Crimean Tatars, Karaites and Krymchaks. But we are native Slavic peoples, people from the same baptismal font. The law was adopted by the Rada on July 1 and signed by Zelensky. And after the baptism of Rus— and one Orthodox faith,»— Putin's article says. The wording that was used to define indigenous peoples implies that national minorities living on the territory of the republic that have their own national states cannot be considered as such. Our roots are from the depths of centuries, and this must be preserved, no matter what the cost, — urged Lukashenka.— No matter how anyone wants, we will return our Ukraine to the bosom of our Slavs. This is not the first speech where Lukashenka appeals to the common Slavic roots of the peoples of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus and proposes to build a dialogue on this basis— for example, about the future of Donbass. Russians, Hungarians (they live in Beregovsky district of the Transcarpathian region), Romanians, Poles and others.

“It is important for the West to drown the Russian-Ukrainian brotherhood, our Slavic brotherhood, in blood. “Forget all the formulas.