Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan: 1,822 cases opened on the facts of terrorism and murders in the country

Earlier President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said that the unacceptable gap between the incomes of different segments of the population became the basis of the January riots. According to the president, the income of half of the population of Kazakhstan does not exceed 50,000 tenge ($115) per month, while according to international experts, 162 people own half of the the flair of the country. Terrorists, militants and the conspirators behind them took advantage of this, the Kazakh leader explained. Источник Currently, military installations, including weapons and ammunition depots, are under heavy guard. Feature Protests in Kazakhstan amid rising gas prices

In Kazakhstan, 1,822 criminal cases have been opened on the facts of terrorism, murders, violence against government officials, said the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic Yerlan Turgumbaev, reports TASS. 
It is specified that 116 of them were handed over to special prosecutors for further investigation. According to the Prosecutor General of the Republic, the courts administratively arrested 3,314 persons, as a result of consideration of 1,884 appeals, 1,083 persons were released from arrest.