NYT: US sanctions against Russia will lead to the collapse of the world’s financial system

Following the European economy, the global economy will also shake. However, none of them seeks to unleash hostilities, the expert is sure. The New York Times analysts predicted how these sanctions will affect the global financial system. Источник topnews.ru Recently, the United States announced a new package of sanctions against Russia in the event of its invasion of Ukraine, which, among other things, includes sanctions against the country's leader Vladimir Putin personally. And the forecast is rather sad. Earlier, Topnews wrote that the United States decided not to impose sanctions against Putin for a “technical” reason.

Fyodor Lukyanov, scientific director of the Valdai International Discussion Club, partially agreed with the forecast of foreign analysts. In turn, Politico journalist Matthew Karnichnig believes that anti-Russian sanctions will lead to an increase in world prices for raw materials, followed by high inflation, financial panic and the collapse of the stock market. Experts have noticed that no other country has previously tried to impose such an extensive package of sanctions against Russia. Experts noted that no country had previously tried to impose such a sheathing package of sanctions against Russia. It is noted that this could lead to disorder in the economies of developed countries, especially those located in Europe, as the US sanctions will be followed by the Kremlin's retaliatory measures. In his opinion, the United States uses the sanctions as a game to keep, as well as to replace the conflict. One example of retaliatory sanctions is the delimitation of supplies gas to Europe.