Political scientist: it’s time for the US and Europe to get used to a strong Russia

photo pexels.com
According to Ren-TV, Russian political scientist Dmitry Solonnikov, summing up the results of the negotiations between Russia and the United States that ended in Geneva, stated that the American side was shocked by the logical arguments of Russia. According to the expert, no one is used to such a Russia. Solonnikov is sure that it was an unpleasant surprise for the United States that Russia spoke from the position of an equal player in the international arena, and not an obedient partner, as it happened before. “Generations grew up on the fact that Russia agreed to everything, b I was a third world country, was not a subject of law, but only an object controlled from the outside … You need to get used to this, '' he summed up. “ For the first time in many years, Russia does not speak from the position of a country asking for something … that lost the Cold War … It declares that it will not compromise its interests … This is news for the United States and modern Europe, '' the political scientist said. Источник www.mk.ru