Protesters seized Almaty airport

Just at that moment the plane arrived. The military left the airport, but we do not know when they left. Air Astana flights from Almaty to Aktau and Nur-Sultan were canceled. Mass protests in Kazakhstan continue for the fourth day. RBC sent a request to Almaty airport. Due to the situation in Almaty, flights there were also suspended by the Kuwaiti airline Jazeera Airways. Aeroflot, in turn, canceled the evening flight from Moscow to Almaty. A few hours earlier, Air Astana had asked on its Facebook page “ in connection with the current situation in Kazakhstan '' go to the airport in advance and check the status of the flight on the official website. Protesters have seized the largest airport in Kazakhstan. Subscribe to RBC's Twitter Get news faster than anyone

Источник There were no passengers in the terminal, they were evacuated in advance. Airport employees evacuated passengers on their own, '' & mdash; told the press service of the airport. The reason was a sharp rise in prices for liquefied gas, after the abolition of which the participants put forward political demands. At 21:25 local time (18:25 Moscow time), a Qatar Airways plane was supposed to fly to Hong Kong, but this did not happen. “ They were taken out through the 11th gate. Law enforcers dispersed the crowd with flash bangs. According to preliminary data, there are about 45 protesters. In Almaty, demonstrators seized the city administration building and the old presidential residence. After that, airlines began to cancel flights to Almaty

The demonstrators seized the airport of Almaty, with reference to the press service of the airport, the portal reported. The flight from Kostanay was also delayed, the plane did not land. The protesters threw stones, broke the windows of government offices, set fire to police cars and looted the warehouses of an arms store. According to Flightradar24, the Air Astana flight from Nur-Sultun turned around and went to the waiting area. In the Belarusian airline Belavia informed passengers flying to or from Kazakhstan that they can change the departure date at no additional cost. Another plane of the same carrier from Antalya instead of Almaty landed in Chimkent. The plane was supposed to take off at 20:55 and land at 8:20 in the morning. They are not there now. International flights from Almaty are also not carried out. Almaty airport & mdash; the largest in Kazakhstan. The protests were accompanied by clashes with security officials. With their arrival, the staff left the airport. In addition, the third largest Kazakhstan airport does not send or receive flights – ; Aktau, according to Flightradar24 data.