Reuters learned about the stock of gas in Ukraine for a week in a conflict with Russia

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Источник At the same time, in Ukraine and the United States, they started talking about the possibility of stopping the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine in the event of an escalation of the conflict. At the same time, US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield said that Russia could cut off gas to Europe in response to possible sanctions. Reuters: Ukraine will have enough gas for a week in the “military conflict” with Russia In the event of a military conflict with Russia, Ukraine will be able to heat residential buildings and important infrastructure facilities for a week, Reuters sources say ://” alt=”Reuters found out about gas reserves in Ukraine for a week during the conflict with Russia” />
Ukraine will be able to provide the population and important infrastructure facilities with gas for five to seven days in the event of a “military conflict”; with Russia. Reuters writes about this, citing sources. m of gas. m. The contract was concluded on the terms “pump or pay”: in case of short deliveries, “Gazprom” still obliged to pay the agreed amount. m of gas with own production of about 19.8 billion cubic meters. “The war has been going on for the eighth year now, now is not the time to panic, escalate the situation, buy buckwheat and matches,” — he said. The Kremlin has repeatedly said that no plans for an “invasion” Russia does not, and the movement of troops across Russian territory is exclusively an internal affair of the state. According to them, after the cessation of transit, Ukraine will not have sufficient volumes of gas in storage to maintain pressure in the systems and supply gas to consumers. At the same time, imports amounted to 2.6 billion cubic meters. It is designed for five years. Since the autumn of last year, Western media and politicians began to report on the accumulation of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine and the preparation of a “military invasion”. m, and 4.9 billion cubic meters were taken from underground storage facilities. Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov stressed that Kiev itself is increasing the number of troops, and NATO is “pumping Ukraine with weapons.” and conducts provocative activities near Russian borders. The interlocutors of the agency stressed that this will happen if the transit of gas stops or transit gas pipelines are destroyed. Video
Agency sources indicate that, theoretically, gas in up to 40 million cubic meters m could be imported from Europe, but this is “barely feasible”; due to the lack of free resources in European countries, as well as funds for its purchase. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, in turn, urged citizens not to panic. m in 2021–2024. The total volume of gas transit for this period will be 225 billion cubic meters. m— 65 bcm m in 2020 and 40 billion cubic meters each. Reuters notes that since 2015 Ukraine has been buying gas from Western traders on the reverse from Russia. US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland indicated that 100,000 Russian troops were planning to carry out an “invasion”; to Ukraine at the beginning of 2022. According to the agency, in 2021 Ukraine consumed 27.3 billion cubic meters. Zelensky pointed out that after the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline into operation Russia will do everything to “turn off” Ukraine from gas transit. Russia and Ukraine signed an agreement on gas transit at the end of December 2019.