Russia sends two S-400 battalions to Belarus for exercises

The inspection will take place in two stages. The air defense units will reach the Belarusian test sites in a combined way: by rail and at its own pace. On Friday, the divisions marched to the station in the Khabarovsk Territory and loaded the equipment onto the railway platforms. After arrival, the servicemen will equip positions and take up combat training as part of the test of the reaction forces of the Union State. At the final stage the Belarusian-Russian exercises “Allied Resolve-2022” will take place. Two divisions of S-400 air defense missile systems are sent to Belarus from the Far East, the RF Ministry of Defense reported. They are scheduled from 10 to 20 February. Recall that in December, the leaders of the two countries, Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, agreed to conduct an unscheduled inspection of the troops and assess their readiness to ensure military security. At the first stage, until February 9, the redeployment and creation of groupings of troops, the organization of the protection and defense of important state and military facilities, the protection of the border in the airspace, the verification of the readiness and ability of the on-duty forces and air defense systems will be carried out. Источник