Six gas selling companies in Kazakhstan suspected of price collusion

The Ministry of Energy of Kazakhstan explained the rise in price by the increased demand with the previous gas production. According to the publications, Kazmunaigas, Aktobemunaigas, Kazgermunaigas were suspected. The preliminary results of the investigation will be formulated within 20 days, they will be presented to President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev. After that, the owners of gas stations in the region decided to reduce the cost of a liter of fuel from 120 to 85-90 tenge per liter, but this did not knock the protest wave. Demonstrations and rallies began to take place in other regions and soon covered the whole country. This measure also did not help stabilize the situation in Kazakhstan and from the economic demands of the protesters turned political. The first protests began in the Mangistau region. and Kazakhoil. Kazakhstan has launched an investigation into six gas companies. Investigations have been launched against them, they are suspected of price fixing and abuse of dominant market position. The President ordered to introduce temporary regulation of prices for liquefied gas, gasoline and diesel for a period of 180 days. Subscribe to FB RBC Get news faster than anyone

Источник According to his order, the maximum prices for the population should not exceed the price level at the end of 2021. They do not name two more companies. In particular, they demanded the resignation of the government and reforms. The results of the investigation will be presented to the president >
The investigation into the companies is also reported by Sputnik Kazakhstan. Mass protests have been taking place in Kazakhstan since January 2, which began after a two-fold increase in prices for liquefied gas, which is the main fuel for light vehicles: from 60 to 120 tenge per liter (that is, from 10 to 20 rubles). On Wednesday, January 5, it became known that due to unreasonable The director of the gas processing plant in Zhanaozen and the head of the electronic trading center for liquefied gas were detained at high gas prices. He noted that the price increase, which will be verified during the investigation, took place during 2021. If initially the cost of a ton of gas was about 67 thousand tenge, then by the end of the year it exceeded 100 thousand, Khabar 24 reported. “ There are signs of price fixing and abuse of dominant market position in their actions, '' & mdash; said a representative of the Agency for the Protection and Development of Competition (quoted by TASS).