Spiegel learned about the expulsion of a Russian diplomat from Germany for espionage

stated that he was in regular contact with a certain “high-ranking official”; SVR in the country. Russian consular officials visited a Russian citizen, are in contact with his relatives, as well as a lawyer with a view to providing possible consular assistance within the framework of the powers provided for by law, — said an embassy spokesman. Spiegel writes that his diplomatic status did not allow the German intelligence services to arrest the curator of the scientist, so he was declared persona non grata. “We confirm that the German Prosecutor General’s Office has indeed filed formal charges against the Russian citizen in this case. In 2019, according to investigators, he agreed to cooperate with the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR). He worked as a researcher in the department of technical specialty at one of the universities in Bavaria. The detention of the RBC scientist was confirmed at the Russian embassy in Berlin. Last October, a court in Berlin found 56-year-old German Jens F. According to investigators, he handed over plans for the premises of the German parliament (Bundestag) to Russian intelligence. He is currently in a pre-trial detention center in Augsburg (Federal State of Bavaria). He was arrested in June 2021. Spiegel: Germany declares Russian diplomat suspected of espionage persona non grata German law enforcement authorities believe that he was the curator of a scientist who provided Moscow with data on European aerospace developments, in particular, on the Ariane launch vehicle

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Munich
In 2021, the German authorities declared a Russian diplomat suspected of espionage persona non grata, Spiegel reports, citing sources. The fact that the scientist was charged, it became known the day before, January 27, from the message of the Federal Prosecutor's Office of Germany. And in August, a British citizen was arrested in Germany, who was also accused of working for Russian intelligence services. (a family of launch vehicles, the latest of which, Ariane-7, is under development). The prosecutor's report on the case of Ilnur N. guilty of spying for Russia and sentenced him to two years in prison and a fine € 15 thousand (more than 1 million rubles). Subscribe to VK RBC Get news faster than anyone else

Источник For this he was paid €2.5 thousand
According to Spiegel, German investigators believe that the diplomat expelled from the country was a member of Russian intelligence. His expulsion is connected with the case of a scientist, Russian citizen Ilnur N., accused of espionage (German law enforcement agencies do not give his full name). According to Spiegel, we are talking about a consular officer in Munich.