The Duma estimated the term for the adoption of a law banning surrogate motherhood

This bill has drawn criticism. “Unfortunately, the law itself” just the first step towards a ban on surrogacy. At the same time, Ostanina's first deputy on the committee, a member of the United Russia party; Tatyana Butskaya told the agency that the committee does not yet have a relevant bill. The State Duma Committee on Labour, Social Policy and Veterans Affairs reported that they were ready to support the bill. And secondly, the law is so technically carelessly implemented that both the legal department of the State Duma, the main legal department under the president, and the Supreme Court issued negative conclusions. According to the Vice Speaker of the State Duma from the “United Russia” Peter Tolstoy, who took part in its development, the need for such a law arose after many foreign parents did not come to Russia due to the COVID-19 pandemic, who were supposed to pick up children from Russian surrogate mothers. Head of the Duma Committee Ostanin: the law on the ban on surrogate motherhood will be considered in the autumn =”The Duma estimated the time frame for the adoption of a law banning surrogate motherhood” />
The Duma may adopt a law on a complete ban on surrogate motherhood in Russia in the autumn session, said the head of the Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children, member Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nina Ostanina, RIA Novosti reports. The bill also provided for a ban on surrogate motherhood for single women and men. The bill was also criticized by lawyers and doctors. <…> We believe that the sale of children in general should be banned, including that Russian citizens are not entitled to order and buy children. Subscribe to Instagram RBC Get news faster than anyone else

Источник According to her, women who cannot have children will still have the opportunity to carry out the in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure at the budget expense or adopt a child. Therefore, I personally think it is right that these citizens will be able to use the funds of maternity capital,»,— told Izvestia head of the committee, deputy chairman of the LDPR faction Yaroslav Nilov. In the fall, the Ministry of Labor developed amendments to the legislation that would allow families where a man is the only parent of a child born by a surrogate mother to receive maternity capital. 19, which guarantees the equality of all citizens before the law and the courts. They should earn money in 2022. But to the credit of the authors who prepared this law, they are ready to introduce it again in a new edition. Oksana Pushkina, who was then a State Duma deputy, told RBC that this idea is contrary to the basic norms of the Constitution, including Art. “No matter how you feel about surrogate motherhood, we have it in our country, just like single fathers who raise children in the same way as single mothers. “There is no bill in our committee to completely ban surrogacy,” — Butskaya said. If a person is not married, this is not a basis for limiting his rights, she noted. reported that they consider it necessary to support the initiative in the United Russia factions; and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation said they would give an assessment after the document was submitted to the lower house of parliament. The deputy noted that surrogate motherhood— salvation for women who cannot have children, but, according to her, this should not be associated with “exploitation for money.”
Last January, the Duma drafted a bill banning surrogacy services for foreigners. The committee asks to reject the bill, — she said during the vote in the State Duma. “We may not get through the spring session [with this law]. In the autumn "— Ostanina said, answering the question when the Duma can adopt a law on a complete ban on surrogate motherhood. The initiative was rejected in the first reading; Ostanina, the head of the Duma committee, asked to do this at the end of December.