The EU named countries to replace Russia for gas supplies

These are the United States, Qatar and Azerbaijan. Negotiations are underway with the countries of Asia and the Middle East. In particular, the United States, as an aid to its partners in the EU, held talks with Qatar. He said that the sanctions being developed could cause serious economic damage to Moscow. In particular, Borrell noted that long-term export control measures are being considered, which may for a long time leave Russia with the goods necessary “to realize its strategic ambitions.”
Earlier, the Financial Times reported that the European Union was thinking about new gas suppliers instead of Russia. Источник And Borrell also said that the European Union has advanced in the preparation of measures designed to contain the Russian Federation. They are needed in case Moscow imposes counter-sanctions. Photo:
If Russia reduces gas supplies to Europe, Brussels may consider alternative options. In his blog, he noted that Moscow may consider reducing the supply of blue fuel in the event of a failure in security negotiations in Europe.