The ex-mayor of Stavropol was detained at the airport in Minsk with a forged passport

Igor Bestuzhiy was born on March 9, 1960 in the Georgian SSR. for leasing a land plot in municipal ownership of Stavropol. In 1984 he graduated from the Stavropol State Medical Institute with a degree in General Medicine, and later completed a retraining course at the Financial Academy under the Russian government. In 2014, he was sentenced to nine years in a strict regime colony with a fine of 500 million rubles. Video
As specified in the department, a criminal case was opened against the Russian under Art. 380 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (forgery, production, use or sale of forged documents, stamps, seals, forms), it was handed over to the employees of the Investigative Committee. The ex-mayor of Stavropol Bestuzhy was detained at the airport in Minsk with a fake passport In 2014, the Stavropol court sentenced the ex-mayor to nine years in a maximum security penal colony for bribery. Subscribe to RBC's Twitter Get news faster than anyone

Источник “ At the National Airport Minsk on January 10, when you make a flight Minsk & mdash; Istanbul, a man was detained. In 2018, he was transferred to a colony-settlement, and later released on parole

The ex-head of Stavropol during border control
The former head of Stavropol, Igor Bestuzhiy, who was sentenced to nine years in prison for bribery in 2014, was detained at the Minsk airport with a forged passport. He was elected mayor of Stavropol in May 2011. This was reported on the website of the State Border Committee of Belarus. The maximum punishment under this article, according to Belarusian law, provides for imprisonment for up to three years. As Kommersant clarifies, in 2018 he was transferred to a penal colony, and later released on parole. Bestuzhy was detained in 2012 on charges of attempting to receive a bribe of 50 million rubles. Since 1986, he headed the Ryzdvyanenskaya city hospital (Stavropol Territory), worked as the director of the Stavropol branch of the SOGAZ insurance company, and in 2008 became the Minister of Property Relations of the Stavropol Territory. While passing the border control, he showed the Belarusian border guards a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation with signs of partial forgery & lt; … & gt; As it turned out, the man is the ex-head of the administration of Stavropol '', & mdash; said in the message. The official fully admitted guilt of the crime.