The number of suicide battalions in Afghanistan was revealed: “Taliban sell passports”

There are no working women left in the country. The Taliban sell passports to both our citizens and others. Источник The media wrote that a lot of women were abducted in January. Girls were also banned from going to school. – Without a doubt. It costs money to get the passport itself. And it's not just the citizens of Afghanistan. Every day there is propaganda that everything is done for the good of the people. I won't be surprised if the Taliban legalize the supply of drugs in the near future. Now our people are suffering, and few people care about this. Then they come to this or that province and say: we will distribute aid to 200 people. – The creation of suicide battalions, which was officially announced by the so-called Ministry of Defense, is only the beginning of the horror that awaits the whole world, – says Ahmad. They are given housing that is taken from the locals. They don't care where they come from. To be accepted, you need to deposit $200. They are proud of their “feats”. For example, the sale of Afghan passports has now intensified. If tomorrow something happens not according to their plan, they will disappear in an instant, as if they never existed. But they don't remember him either. For example, they name the provinces where they were born. Therefore, in order to resist our people, they recruit people from different countries into their ranks. It is clear that they are helping. The Taliban are cashing in where possible. They set up a parade there. The Taliban have not yet printed new passports. The same thing happened in 2001, when they all disappeared somewhere, and then reappeared. They need to increase their numbers in order for the world to recognize them. To sign – still pay. It is known that the Taliban is patronized by Pakistan. They “play” with them. In my opinion, these are mentally ill people. Weapons are also sold on the black market in Pakistan and Iran – this was shown in the reports. “Those who have money and connections can leave the country”
– Unemployment and poverty in the country has reached more than 90 percent. The remaining fifty people are residents of the province, but there should not be Hazaras and Panjshirs among them, because they resist and refuse to cooperate with the current government. Well, imagine if the Taliban have already recruited more than 2,000 suicide bombers. Thus, the Taliban are conducting a purge, they want to populate the country with those who support them. He told where he came from. They still get their money from somewhere. As a rule, young people are recruited there from poor, illiterate families who do not understand what is happening in the world. “They're like ghosts”
– The life of the leadership of this movement is not known to anyone. —Before the capture of Afghanistan, our pilots managed to take out about 50 American helicopters to other countries. Then they are trained in specially prepared secret camps. “Women demand freedom, food and work. People can be found wherever there is poverty and war. Supporters are passed off as refugees
Taliban representatives announced the creation of a suicide battalion, which will be part of the Afghan army and will operate under the Ministry of Defense. – One day they showed several hours how parades of suicide bombers were held. They are like ghosts. Activists ask for little: freedom, food and work. And the Taliban are losing. They are attacked daily. There are even some negotiations with them. — The topic of humanitarian aid remains relevant to this day. The Taliban are getting it. And they put one thought in their head: for you, the only goal in life is to become a suicide bomber. There is nothing to steal and take away in the country. Now the Taliban are asking for the return of the helicopters. Juveniles are often kidnapped. The Taliban even in Kabul, under various pretexts, break into the houses of the locals, kill the owners or take them away in an unknown direction. – To attract people to the suicide battalions, different methods are used. Representatives of the resistance have already announced that they will launch an offensive in the spring. People will remember how we asked to stop this madness when this whole nightmare spreads to other countries. You just need to increase the army to prepare for war. But the locals are not allowed to get a job. They seem to invent biographies for themselves. MK learned how many people are in these battalions, where they come from and why the Taliban stage suicide parades. Then they are declared bandits. They do not rest on this. But he keeps in touch with his compatriots, through whom he receives information about the situation at home. Therefore, they turn to the world for help. Ultimately, for the average person, obtaining a passport costs between $1,000 and $2,000. Basically, these are citizens from Arab countries, Central Asia, Pakistan, and some from Russia. And people from other states now work in different structures and support them. In addition to activists, university teachers who do not want to cooperate with the current government also disappear. For intimidation, battalions of suicide bombers were sent to the border of Tajikistan. For example, in Afghanistan, a passport is received on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a video of them flying in the same helicopter, and then it crashed and exploded. The man works in Russia. Teenagers are cut off from the outside world. The uprising was brutally crushed. Thus, the Taliban want to silence any protests. First you write an application. No one sees or wants to see all the horror. In one province, protests by some members of the Taliban movement against the Taliban themselves lasted for several days. Suicide parade in Afghanistan Photo: Still from video
Naimi Ahmad Shoaib, a native of Panjshir province, is an economist and supporter of the Afghan National Resistance Front. The most public person is their press secretary. Not so much. – Of course not. But no one returned the helicopters to them. That is, the Taliban are against the Taliban. They get a bullet in the forehead”
— In the houses of activists who went to rallies, the Taliban conduct raids. And with a Taliban passport, a person is unlikely to be allowed into another country. After all, today we are suffering, and tomorrow your turn will come. Yes, but the Taliban themselves are calm about this. The Taliban have done this before, but now the trade will be on a larger scale. A large rally of Panjshir residents after an innocent young man was killed Photo: Still from video
“They understand that if they stay at home, their families will die of hunger. They call such purges “the fight against terrorists.” But they kill former Afghan servicemen – both men and women. – According to the latest information, more than 2,500 people have already gathered there. – No, the former government has a lot of old passports that people did not have time to pick up. In response, they receive a bullet in the forehead, torture, humiliation, abductions. – According to various sources, there are a maximum of up to 70 thousand people. They need money, they make money on everything. Their prime minister said he was ready to send his specialists to Afghanistan. “After all, the Taliban began to actively “export” their supporters to different countries, issuing them Afghan passports. – Only those who have big connections and a lot of money can leave. As a result, citizens of our country are fired from everywhere under any pretext. Therefore, they use old passports, which they also distribute to their supporters from different countries. Among the suicide bombers there are people from all over the world. A battalion of suicide bombers was sent to the city to hold a so-called suicide parade there. The man who is at the head of the Taliban Interior Ministry said that he rewarded the suicide bombers and their families – they were allocated plots of land, pledged to support them financially. The bodies of the dead are transported through the streets of the city. What is going on with them, where these people come from – there is no reliable data. In order to somehow stay afloat, it remains to support drug dealers. But of that number, 150 are the Taliban themselves. That's the whole flight. They were beaten, raped and killed. But locals from those regions have never heard of their families. “War is inevitable”
– I can say with confidence that a large-scale war in the country is inevitable. It has become their “trick”. – That's it, live without a passport. – The Taliban themselves post videos of torture of people on the Web. As far as I know, they sold the rest of the helicopters for parts. Their fate is unknown. Now even the Pashtuns, who were on the side of the Taliban, are going over to the side of the people. – They really say this, but I will tell you how things are with corruption in reality. Now you can't filter out whether it's a refugee or a Taliban. They do not understand the local language, culture, but they are provided with jobs. Now, if there is a rally somewhere, the Taliban hold such parades there to intimidate. The girl screams in horror: “Help!” And who will help her when the militants broke into the house and took the activist along with her sisters? A week ago, the Taliban kidnapped two activists in Kabul. After all, in the world, in fact, no one is worried about what is happening there. They sent me a video of this kidnapping. They also attract fanatics, who can be found everywhere. This is because other countries do not want to see someone else's pain until the problem knocks on their door. – So that they, under the guise of refugees, get into other countries and propagate their policies there. So far, a guerrilla war is going on in the country against the invaders and terrorists. Everything continues. The creation of battalions will lead to catastrophic consequences throughout the world. Therefore, they decided for themselves: if they die anyway, it’s better to do something.