The political scientist ridiculed the “Hawaiian syndrome” that hit American diplomats

Problem!” Drobnitsky joked. They blamed this, of course, on the “unknown energy impact” of the “malicious” nations and personally Vladimir Putin. Thus, the version that American diplomats were exposed to unknown radiation by Cuban or Russian special services no longer works. – Maybe it's the US diplomatic service itself? He quoted US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s MSNBC interview: “To date, we don’t know exactly what happened, and we don’t know exactly who is responsible … But we're working overtime with the entire government to figure out what happened and who's responsible.”
“Maybe it's not about the countries where US diplomats work? While looking for the “hand of the Kremlin”, apparently, they missed something important. “And now – oops … Diplomats working in Geneva and Paris have similar problems. And this characterizes the current American policy very well.”
Источник “That is, paranoia is paranoia, but something still mowed down American diplomats,” Drobnitsky wrote. The scandalous situation was commented on by American political scientist Dmitry Drobnitsky. What, also Putin, Xi Jinping or Iranian ayatollahs? “While they were looking for the Kremlin’s hand, they missed something important”
The United States admitted that the so-called “Hawaiian syndrome”, which was noticed among American diplomats working in Havana, was identified and from other employees of the foreign policy department who worked, for example, in Geneva and Paris. – asks Drobnitsky. Photo:
In his Telegram channel, Drobnitsky called the American version “paranoia.” According to her, many employees of the embassy in Havana were subjected to unknown effects, which led to a variety of diseases, including mental ones, and cases of failure of some organs of the body were recorded. In buildings … in the equipment of embassies … Yes, in anything! In just five years, more than 200 people suffered.