Tokayev disclosed the length of stay of the CSTO peacekeepers in the republic

Later, peacekeepers from Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan left for the republic. The President of Kazakhstan expects a quick stabilization of the situation in the country

On January 5, the Kazakh authorities announced their intention to involve the CSTO peacekeepers to normalize the situation and confront the rioters. Let us remind you that the protests in Kazakhstan began on January 2, Sunday. The Collective Security Treaty Organization includes six countries. The peacekeeping contingent of the OBKB is called the collective rapid deployment forces of the Central Asian region. Tokayev used this right, referring to the “demand of citizens to ensure their safety.” Many public figures called for abandoning the introduction of troops into Kazakhstan. The first board with the Russian military arrived in Alma-Ata on January 6. Источник Further, economic demands quickly faded into the background and were replaced by political ones. The protesters demanded the resignation of the government and the holding of new elections. Any of the CSTO member countries can turn to the organization for help in protecting external borders or putting things in order inside the country. In addition, the crowd insisted on lustration of politicians and businessmen who were part of Nursultan Nazarbayev's team. In early January, the cost of a liter doubled to 120 tenge (the equivalent of 20 rubles). The formal reason was the increase in gas fuel prices.