TV presenter Gordon announced that she got married for the third time

Источник It was previously reported that Joseph Prigogine's daughter Danae is going to get married. The star announced this on her Instagram channel. Last fall, she said that she had been dating her chosen one for several years. His company supplies musical instruments to Russia. Previously, Gordon was married twice — for Alexander Gordon (2000-2006) and Sergey Zhorin (2011-2012). TV presenter and lawyer Ekaterina Gordon got married for the third time, the wedding took place on January 19 in Moscow. It is necessary for the heart, it is necessary for love… if the head works at the same time, then this is excellent, — she said. “For the first time in my life, I didn’t get married in a week”… and a year later… I do not want to give any recommendations: I do not know how to. The 41-year-old TV presenter married 34-year-old Ukrainian businessman Viktor Harkhalis. She has two sons: Daniil and Seraphim. Gordon clarified that before the wedding, the couple did not draw up a marriage contract.