What is known about the remote mining machine “Agriculture”?

Combat vehicle of the “Agriculture” system resembles the usual “Grad” — on a four-axle KamAZ chassis, two packages of 25 rockets equipped with mines were mounted. How are they mined now? At the same time, it is possible to mine and areas of a limited area. They allow you to reload the system much faster than a conventional MLRS. The system allows you to install combined minefields. But their range — only 120 m. As noted by the creators of the NPO «Splav» them. During the Afghan war, artillery units were engaged in such mining as part of additional tasks. Depending on the type of mines and their power, the number of shells in one shot may be different. Also in service is the VSM-1 helicopter mining system based on the Mi-8, but it also allows you to mine a relatively narrow strip of terrain. At the same time, a mine, once it hits the ground, becomes unrecoverable and it is almost impossible to neutralize it. The principle of operation is similar to the volley fire system, however, for mining “Agriculture”; solid-fuel powered ammunition is used, which contains cartridges with mines. All calculations in preparation for firing are carried out automatically. “Agriculture” can send mines to a distance of 5 to 15 km. At the same time, the ability of mines to deactivate or self-destruct at a given time ensures safe and quick clearance after the cessation of hostilities. With one salvo, a combat vehicle can cover a large area, the area of ​​u200bu200bwhich is compared with several football fields. The system, in addition to combat, also includes a transport-loading vehicle and containers with missiles. The combat vehicle is equipped with a satellite navigation system and a computer, as well as a weather station. The principle of mining by firing mine cartridges has been known for almost 40 years. Ganichev, the remote method of installing minefields has a number of advantages. Especially for this, mining ammunition was developed. From this year, the supply of mining systems “Agriculture” to the Russian army will begin. It was decided to adopt it based on the results of the Kavkaz-2020 exercises, where “Agriculture” involved in the drawing of the final episode of these maneuvers at the Kapustin Yar training ground. AiF.ru found out what features this machine has. 

Mining system “Agriculture”. The system's rocket projectiles are made in two versions — anti-personnel and anti-tank. This allows you to protect your troops from unauthorized minefields. The exact characteristics of the engineering rocket are not called. Shooting was carried out from the Grad MLRS. After the salvo, the mining area is recorded on electronic maps of the area, and the exact coordinates of the field are immediately sent to the command center via a secure communication channel. In particular, it is distinguished by the speed of laying minefields, especially in hard-to-reach areas. In accordance with the Geneva Convention, each mine is equipped with remote self-destructors. https://iz.ru/
Источник aif.ru Anti-tank and anti-personnel mines can be laid in such a way that the barrier becomes insurmountable for both shooters and armored vehicles. In 2020, the equipment was handed over to the army for military testing in conditions as close as possible to real operation, at the same time the vehicle was shown at the Victory Parade in Moscow. The same fuses will help to blow up the entire field. “Agriculture” effective both in conducting maneuverable combat operations, and in the conditions of combating terrorists or protecting a long state border. Last year, at the exercises “West-2021” the joint application of “Agriculture” was worked out; and mobile groups of heavy flamethrower systems TOS-1A Solntsepek. Where will it be used? What minefields does it lay? At the same time, the system operator determines the main parameters of the future barrier, including the number of shells and mines in a salvo. With the help of them, the barrier can be quickly destroyed after the end of hostilities, which will help to avoid civilian casualties. Both anti-tank and anti-personnel mines are used. In addition, aircraft cannot always be used to lay minefields directly above the battlefield or in the rear of a potential enemy. How does it shoot? Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org
Factory tests “Agriculture” started a few years ago and were successfully completed. Now remote mining is carried out with the help of universal minelayers (UMZ) based on the ZIL-131 car. This allows you to take into account the influence of weather on the flight of ammunition. What does it look like? Such a system can create a minefield of any configuration at a distance of tens of kilometers in a matter of minutes. Automated system “Agriculture” itself determines the coordinates of the future barrier.