What is the essence of the law on marking cats, dogs and other animals?

It is also noted that in order to ensure veterinary safety in the country, all information about animals, including domestic animals, will be contained in a single database of the Federal State Information System in the field of veterinary medicine (FSIS). There are already tragic examples, but owners cannot be held accountable for abandoning their dogs. In addition, wild animals in natural conditions are not subject to individual or group marking and accounting. The veterinary rules provide for the following types of marking (the cost is indicated according to the calculations of the Ministry of Agriculture):

plastic tag (price per unit — 14-20 rubles, cost of the service for establishing — 50-70 rubles);

subcutaneous microchip (price — 90-140 rubles, installation — 50-100 rubles);
electronic bolus — capsule (price — 50-200 rubles, introduction — 100-150 rubles);
tattooing and branding – stamp (price — 200-500 rubles; application — price not specified);
ring (price — 5-10 rubles, banding — 20-50 rubles);
collar (price — 150-250 roubles). What is marking and registration of an animal? As follows from the explanatory note, animal marking is needed primarily for the traceability of livestock products.  In some regions owners let their dogs go on their own, and they huddle in packs and attack people. Who should pay for animal marking and accounting? And also hold the owners of aggressive animals accountable. What is the essence of the animal labeling bill? This was reported to “Izvestia” First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Vladimir Burmatov. Cats, dogs and other pets will be included in the federal animal labeling and registration law. The first one will take place next week, on January 26. It is also impossible to hold negligent owners responsible for a discarded pet. “Labeling is the application to the body of an animal, fixation on the body of an animal, or the introduction into the body of an animal of visual or mixed (combination of visual and electronic) marking means and is the responsibility of animal owners,” — the bill says. Recording will be kept free of charge by the veterinary service, as well certified specialists. Who chooses the method of marking an animal, what is it like and how much does it cost? And also to promptly identify the source of an outbreak of diseases that are often common in animals and people. 
Currently, the bill contains a list of 14 types of farm animals. Why label pets? “The registration of cats and dogs is what people look forward to the most, because there are so many lost animals that, if identified, would be easier to find. The owner can choose the method of marking the animal himself. According to Burmatov, the item on pets will add to this bill for the second reading. “Animals are subject to individual or group labeling and recording in order to prevent the spread of contagious animal diseases, as well as to identify sources and ways of spreading pathogens of contagious animal diseases, — the bill says. Marking an animal — this is the assignment of a unique alphanumeric number to it, which is entered into the database of the Federal State Information System in the field of veterinary medicine. These include:

sheep and goats;
mules and hinnies;
fur animals;
other aquatic animals. Sources information:
Источник aif.ru It is also noted that “the account of animals will be carried out in the terms specified by the government of the Russian Federation». Mandatory labeling of animals will help reduce the number of homeless cats and dogs, says Vladimir Burmatov. Accounting for the animal — this is the entry into the FSIS register of information about its marking (its number), information about external characteristics, purpose and method of keeping the animal and data about the owner. Therefore, accounting for animals is needed, — explained to Izvestia Burmatov. But the marking of the animal will be carried out at the expense of its owner. 
Who can not be labeled by law? He recalled that in November last year, the Ministry of Agriculture submitted for consideration to the State Duma amendments to the draft law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation in Part of Improving the Legal Regulation of Relations in the Field of Veterinary Medicine”. It dealt only with the labeling of farm animals in private and farm enterprises. Animals labeled before the entry into force of the new rules, as well as pets that underwent this procedure outside the Russian Federation, are not subject to re-labeling, the bill says. The bill introduces technical amendments in terms of replacing the term “identification” to the term «marking». According to — statistics, this is more than 600 thousand individuals.