What “spare parts” from animals were transplanted to people?

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57-year-old American David Bennett was transplanted with the heart of a genetically modified pig. “Argumenty i Fakty” Weekly No. For example, porcine heart valves are used to make artificial human heart valves. Today, only tissues of animal origin are used in medicine. The body rejected animal organs, and their use for transplantation was forgotten. And other "parts" from animals transplanted? “Scientists have experimented with transplanting chimpanzee kidneys into humans, but most of these attempts have failed, — says the director of the National Research Center for Transplantology and artificial organs named after. Источник aif.ru —  Lung and transplantations of the heart were not successful before. Crack in education 26/01/2022
Doctors transplanted a pig's heart into a man. Shumakova Sergei Gauthier. But   it whether the transplant will be successful is still unclear. The doctors received special permission from the authorities for the operation, because without it he was doomed — Bennett could not expect a donor heart from a human because of his serious condition.