Who do we have to let into the apartment?

This is how you should always act. 51. Источник aif.ru How much does it cost to celebrate the New Year? – When the gas service, the State Housing Inspectorate or the Ministry of Emergency Situations is going to inspect the house, information about this is posted on the doors and stands in the entrance. If the announcement was torn down or you did not notice it and, for example, a gasman appeared on the threshold, do not immediately open the door either. 22/12/2021 Expert Response 0 + –

– If the inspectors did not warn you in advance about their visit, you do not need to open the door, – advises executive director of the association of managing companies in housing and communal services Vera Moskvina. Call the control room of the UK or HOA (this phone should always be at hand) and ask if an inspection is being carried out. Sometimes owners are warned by phone. In general, no inspectors walk around the apartments en masse. If you yourself or your neighbors did not call a specialist from the Criminal Code, he himself will not come to you to check pipes, taps, ventilation and meters. Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No.