Zelensky told about what he is going to talk with Biden


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Источник rbc.ru Zelensky: we will coordinate with Biden our steps towards peace in Ukraine
The Presidents of Ukraine and the United States Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Joe Biden will discuss “ our steps towards peace in Ukraine and security in Europe '' during the talks. At the same time, Biden said that if Russia starts a military invasion of Ukraine, then it will have to pay a “ high price '' (quoted by Bloomberg). At the same time, the Russian president said in response that “ this could lead to a complete rupture of relations between our countries. According to him, Ukraine and the United States agreed that there would be “ nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine. The Kremlin has confirmed that Biden warned Putin about the possible imposition of sanctions. The Ukrainian leader announced this on his Twitter. '' Zelensky added that he is looking forward to these talks “ with impatience. During them, Ukrainian topics were also discussed. According to him, Biden is going to discuss at least three topics with Zelensky:

to confirm that the United States supports the sovereignty of Ukraine;
to discuss the “ build-up of the Russian military ''; on the border with Ukraine;
understand how the situation in the region can be resolved using diplomatic methods;

Negotiations Zelensky and Biden will be held a few days after the talks between the American and Russian presidents. In particular, Western countries will impose sanctions and increase their military presence in the region. ''
Earlier, an unnamed White House spokesman announced the planned talks.