Zelensky’s words at a meeting with Austrian Chancellor called “piggy”

Источник www.mk.ru Goldarb added that the Western powers “devour” everything that this land gives. All because of the words spoken during a conversation with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. Earlier, US residents were outraged by the words of US President Joe Biden about helping Ukraine. On the air of the First Cossack TV channel, he pointed to Zelensky's phrase that “our peoples have long-standing close historical relations.” According to him, slavery in the Austro-Hungarian Empire “was prepared for a part of today's Ukraine – Galicia.” To call it “close historical relations,” according to Goldarb, is “disgusting.”
According to him, Ukraine felt much better in any form of commonwealth with its closest neighbors. The politician recalled that after the incorporation of a part of the country into the Russian kingdom in 1654, the “era of prosperity” began. One of the Americans wondered why the situation in Ukraine should be a problem for the United States. Another commentator recalled that the United States had just finished the military campaign in Afghanistan and it would not have been worth “rattling arms” trying to get involved in a new conflict. As a result, the raids of nomads and Poles stopped. Another subscriber advised Ukraine to sort out its own problems on its own. He announced a decisive response to any attempts by Russia to invade this country and said this during a telephone conversation with the head of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. Photo: Still from video
In Kiev, local politician Maxim Goldarb criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.