Zyuganov urged “to give mothers money”

Источник www.mk.ru Such a measure will help overcome the demographic crisis in Russia. Photo: kremlin.ru
The main Communist of Russia, Gennady Zyuganov, believes that the government of the country should guarantee all mothers a living wage per child in the amount 25 thousand rubles. But she needs to be guaranteed funds for her upbringing. Now the country continues to die out,” Zyuganov told URA.RU. What kind of welfare is it if a mother cannot feed a child,” the politician concluded. It is necessary to end the chatter about the fact that it is impossible to solve the problem. 13,300 do not give a person the opportunity to survive. The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation emphasizes that such assistance should be provided without special conditions and collection of certificates, upon the birth of a child. Now the authorities of the country should look at a woman who decided to have a baby as a savior. “In peacetime, Russia lost more than a million of its citizens last year. “We are sitting on a mountain of money, there are more than 14 trillion rubles in the National Welfare Fund. It is necessary to introduce a living wage of 25,000 rubles a long time ago. Three such cities as Smolensk, Orel and Kurgan disappeared.