Foreign Ministry received Italy’s plan to resolve the situation in Ukraine

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After that, the action plan of the Italian authorities says, Russian troops must leave the territory of Ukraine. Andrei Rudenko
Russia is studying the plan of action proposed by the Italian authorities for a peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine, Andrey Rudenko, the replacement for Foreign Minister, told reporters, Interfax reports. The proposed actions include the prospect of resolving the conflict “through coordinated action at the world level to quickly achieve a ceasefire and restore political and economic balance,” explained Deputy Minister Manlio Di Stefano. The Italian Foreign Ministry announced the transfer of the plan to UN Secretary General António Guterres in mid-May. According to La Repubblica, Rome's action plan includes four phases:

ensuring a ceasefire in Ukraine and the process of demilitarizing the front line under control of UN observers;
Negotiations on the status of Ukraine, they should involve the country's accession to the European Union, but the rejection of NATO membership; will receive full autonomy with the right to independently ensure their own security, however, Ukraine will have sovereignty over them
The conclusion of a multilateral agreement on peace and security in Europe, which will address issues of arms control and disarmament, confidence-building measures and conflict prevention.

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Источник Rudenko specified that the ministry would evaluate Rome's initiatives after studying them. Read on RBC Pro Pro How to restore peace and faith to yourself and your employees into the future – 5 steps Instructions Pro Ceiling above 700 thousand rubles. “We we recently received it, we are considering it,— said the diplomat.