In Chechnya, they announced the death of seven US citizens in a special operation in Ukraine

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Источник According to the channel, he participated in the hostilities among the fighters of a private military company (PMC). He clarified that US citizens died as a result of the battle at the Dye Plant, one of them was named Joseph Ward Clark. Seven Americans who fought on the side of Ukraine as part of the special forces were killed in the Donbass, the Chechen authorities said. assistant to the head of Chechnya on the security bloc Apta Alaudinov. Dudayev claimed that the passport belonged to one of the “representatives” of the US intelligence agencies that “work on the territory of Donbass and are engaged in the destruction of the civilian population.” “They all find shelter here in the Ukrainian land, the so-called,” added the Chechen minister. The State Department previously said that one of them is alive and safe

Seven American citizens who fought on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as part of special forces were killed in the Ukrainian city of Rubezhnoye, RIA Novosti said. Read on RBC Pro Pro The risks of layoffs: how not to fall into the trap Pro instructions How to develop the ability to solve problems creatively in a company Pro articles How to deal with anxiety before the first interview Pro instructions How the relevance of digital assets and currencies is changing Pro articles When the employer's generosity to The Federal Tax Service will be interested in paying bonuses – cases Cases Pro A top manager received an offer in a crisis: when to agree Articles Pro x The Economist Why economists and ordinary people estimate inflation differently Articles Pro >At the end of April, 22-year-old American citizen Willie Joseph Kansel died in Ukraine, CNN was told by the family of the deceased. “They were fixed by us, and they all departed to another world, leaving behind Javelins, documents and their weapons,” — Alaudinov reported. “We know that people want to help, but we urge Americans to find other ways to do it, — urged the representative of the White House Jen Psaki. “I'm limited in what I can say due to privacy concerns, but I have reason to believe this person is safe,” — said department spokesman Ned Price. The US State Department noted that they are aware of what happened and are monitoring the situation. The US administration then recommended that US citizens refrain from traveling to Ukraine and not participate in hostilities. On the same day, the State Department called reports of Clark's death or capture untrue. He posted on VKontakte video showing the passport of a US citizen named Joseph Ward Clark. A month earlier, on April 14, Clark's documents were published by the Minister of Information and Press of Chechnya, Akhmed Dudayev.