Latvian Foreign Minister announced plans to refuse Russian gas supplies

Payment will be considered completed only from the moment the funds are credited to the ruble account. Then he spoke that gas is supplied to Latvia by the Klaipeda liquefied natural gas terminal and the Incukalns underground th gas storage, and the last of them “has an unusual amount of gas for this period,” Bariss noted. Read on RBC Pro Pro Development “without interference”: what analysts said about the 2008 crisis which it is easy to standardize mentoring How-to Pro DoorDash co-founder: a great idea is not enough to create a business Articles Pro Why freelancers will not replace companies of key employees How-to Pro Casting, startups, caution – what you need to know about business in India Articles Pro How to defend your rights as a public procurement participant in a period of change: 5 tips Instructions
After the decree of the Russian president, natural gas from Russia ceased to flow to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Uldis Bariss, head of the operator of the Latvian gas transmission system Conexus Baltic Grid (Conexus), said. The Latvian authorities are planning to refuse Russian gas supplies, said the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic, Edgar Rinkevich, in an interview with Al Jazeera TV channel. At the same time, the Kremlin did not rule out that they could cancel the new payment scheme, “if other conditions come.” WEIGHT refused to make calculations according to this scheme. “We plan to build gas supply stations and do without Russian gas,”— the minister said (quote from RIA Novosti). The head of the Foreign Ministry also believes that the Latvian authorities are confident that NATO will support the Baltic countries in repelling “any threats.”

On March 31, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on gas payments with “unfriendly” countries in rubles. The payment for deliveries will first go to the currency account, after which the bank will sell the currency on the stock exchange, and the received rubles will be credited to the second account. Article content Tags Subscribe to RuTube

Источник Therefore, the country has no reason to worry about its energy security in the next few months, he believes. Starting April 1, companies from Western countries must open two accounts with Gazprombank: one in foreign currency and one in rubles.