Medvedev called Italy’s peace plan for Ukraine “cheap scheming”

It was as if he didn't exist at all. This was stated by Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in his Telegram. They have long preferred to forget about the Russian draft peace treaty. How to abandon the moratorium Instructions Pro How to painlessly switch to the Russian document management system Instructions Pro How goods with an “unfriendly” patent will be sold in Russia Articles Pro Why investors are fleeing crypto: two reasons and one conspiracy theory Forecasts
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Источник “There is no point in analyzing further. All this is just an attempt to help Kyiv save at least some face… However, Ukraine itself does not want to negotiate at all. Dmitry Medvedev
The modern West has embraced the “itch of creation” peaceful plans to resolve the crisis in Ukraine, and the Italian proposals, in particular, do not correspond to the interests of Russia and are “cheap schemes”; and “nonsense”. But— no, it's just a pure stream of consciousness of European graphomaniacs, — he wrote. Reckoning only on the flow of weapons and money from Western countries, — concluded Medvedev. “The West is seized with the itch to create “peace plans” that should lead to a settlement of the crisis in Ukraine. How foreign media explain it Articles Pro Cautious innovation: why Google avoids revolutionary developments Articles Pro iPod era: how Apple created the most popular player in history Articles Pro You want to pay dividends to shareholders. In turn, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin has not yet seen Italy's proposals for a settlement in Ukraine and they hope that they will be brought through diplomatic channels in the near future. In particular, to the proposal for a neutral status for Ukraine and the country's entry into the EU, Medvedev replied that “all this is a lie.” He called the proposal for the autonomy of Donbass as part of Ukraine “obvious nonsense”; and “cheap projecting”, and the proposal for the autonomy of the Crimea, the deputy chairman of the Security Council considered an insult to Russia. The politician cited Italy's recent proposals to resolve the crisis as an example and stressed that the Italian plan does not provide for the main interests of Russia. And it would be fine if it was about preparing options that would somehow take into account the realities. Read on RBC Pro Pro Co-founder of DoorDash: a great idea is not enough to create a business Articles Pro The Russian economy did not collapse after the sanctions.