Sweden followed Finland in joining NATO

The Russian Foreign Ministry warned that Moscow would be forced to take military-technical measures. He clarified that one of the options is to increase the military presence in the region. Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the “potential threats arising in this regard” against the backdrop of discussions about the prospects for Scandinavian countries to join NATO. The leaders of other parties approved the submission of an application to NATO Finland decided to join NATO” />
Sweden has officially decided to apply to join NATO, the ruling Social Democratic Party (S/SAP) said in a statement. Chapter of the Moderates Ulf Kristersson stated that “with pleasure” learned of this news, his faction is the second largest in the Swedish Parliament. Russia is ready to carry out very risky operations for itself.».— he said in early May. The Prime Minister of Sweden, Magdalena Andersson, explained at a press conference that the country's neutrality had previously served well, but in the future such a policy would not be useful, SVT reports. Article content Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel

Источник rbc.ru According to Aftonbladet, the government will make a formal decision at an extraordinary meeting on Monday, May 16, after a debate in parliament. The head of the Christian Democrats Ebba Bush called the decision wise, “though much overdue.” “We Christian Democrats have long been in favor of NATO membership,” — Bush wrote on Twitter. A similar decision was made by the Government of Finland on the same day, 15 May. How to Hold Them How To Hold Them How To Keep Them Pro How Amazon's Stock Crashed And What's Next Articles
A number of leaders of other factions in the Swedish Parliament approved the position of the Social Democratic Party. “Unpredictable behavior of Russia” this is an inevitable problem. &laquo The party will work to get Sweden to apply for NATO membership. “If Sweden became the only non-NATO country in the Baltic Sea region, we would be in a vulnerable position,” — she stressed, expressing her hope that the application will be submitted as soon as possible. Helsinki will submit a formal application after consultations in parliament, the Finnish Foreign Ministry said that this will happen on May 18. Thus, the Social Democrats will seek to ensure that Sweden, in the event that the NATO application is approved, expresses unilateral reservations against the deployment of nuclear weapons and permanent bases on Swedish territory, — said in the message. She added that she did not want Russia's actions following Ukraine to be directed against Sweden. The Social Democrats have more seats in the Swedish parliament than other political forces (100 out of 349) and formed a minority government, all cabinet ministers are members of the Social Democratic Party. Read on RBC Pro Pro How to develop the ability to solve problems creatively in a company Articles Pro So-so motivation: why you should not tie salaries to KPI Research Pro How to hire a teenager so as not to break the law Instructions Pro More than 25% of newcomers leave the company almost immediately. Sweden's Liberal Party noted on Twitter that security these days is built within alliances, not outside of them, with Stockholm's security dependent on neighboring countries. with the National Security Council. If approved, Stockholm intends to achieve non-deployment of nuclear weapons and permanent bases of the alliance in the country, the ruling party of Sweden said. He called Finland's decision to become a member of the alliance a mistake. The Alliance will explore ways to ensure the security of these countries before they are accepted into its membership, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced. Western countries have announced their intention to approve applications from Finland and Sweden. “Sweden cannot isolate itself from the outside world. Aftonbladet, citing a source, said that the Swedish authorities have already prepared the application, but Stockholm intends to send it at the same time together with the Finnish side. So it's good that Sweden is also joining the broad parliamentary majority to do what Finland does,” — party statement says. The decision of the Finnish authorities was prompted by Russia's actions in Ukraine, Minister Pekka Haavisto explained.