The economist explained the difference between the official dollar exchange rate and the real one and revealed what to expect next in exchangers

After Russia gets access to the import of cash from abroad, the official and real rates will become similar. Maramygin noted that the exchange rate on the stock exchange consists of the offers of oil companies and the demand of buyers. He recalled that any commodity sold by Russia – minerals, timber, grain – has skyrocketed in value. Now the volume of international trade has seriously decreased, so cash dollars and euros do not reach banks, and their real value does not fall as a result. Therefore, it remains cashless. Maxim Maramygin, Doctor of Economics, spoke about the difference between the official and real rates. Earlier, TopNews wrote about that the dollar exchange rate for the first time in 4 years fell below 58 rubles. He noted that now there are two rates for the dollar and the euro – in cash and on non-cash accounts of the Moscow Exchange. The expert noted that correspondent accounts were closed for Russian banks, and banks cannot introduce cash currency. “Therefore, the flow of the non-cash part is huge, including the one that the Europeans pay us for gas. The specialist told why there is such a big difference between the exchange rate and the exchange rate in banks. “You can still buy them, and even at a low price – another question is that you will not be able to hold a bill in your hands”, – said the specialist. The exchange rate of the Russian currency has significantly strengthened, however, experts note that now it is almost impossible to buy a noticeably cheaper currency anywhere – Despite the low rate, the difference between trading on the Moscow Exchange and the offer of banks can be about 20 rubles. The euro fell below 60 rubles. In addition, new banknotes do not come into it. Currency can now only be deposited into the account, but cannot be taken out of the country. Join our VK group to keep abreast of events in Russia and the world
Источник The physical volumes of consumption have decreased, and the flow of currency has increased sharply”, = he said. In an interview with E1 .ru, he said that an artificial currency market was established in Russia due to the lack of a direct correlation between cash and non-cash currency.