The President of Finland doubted the possibility of a “Russian attack”

If NATO units are deployed on Finnish and Swedish territory, it can become a possible target for a strike, said Dmitry Polyansky, Deputy Chairman of Russia to the UN. At the same time, its representative Dmitry Peskov called the prospect of Finland joining NATO an unconditional threat to Russia. At the same time, the Finnish president noted that despite the words of the Russian authorities, one should be careful and attentive. The Finnish President also said that he called Russian President Vladimir Putin for a frank conversation to announce his intention to apply for membership in NATO. The conversation with Putin was calm and cool, Niinistö said, calling it surprising. Instructions Pro Risks of layoffs: how not to fall into the trap Instructions
If Finland joins NATO, Russia will be forced to take retaliatory steps, the Russian Foreign Ministry warned. Against this background, Helsinki agreed in London to provide mutual support in the event of an attack on one of sides. This assistance, the joint declaration says, may include military means. These will be measures “both of a military-technical and other nature in order to stop the threats arising in this regard,” the ministry explained. During a press conference, he said there could be several reasons for Moscow's calm reaction. “It's our choice, we shouldn't limit ourselves to wiggle room because of threats,” — emphasized the Finnish Minister for European Affairs and Property Management Tytti Tuppurainen. The Finnish authorities announced on May 15 that the country will apply to NATO after consultations in Parliament, which will be held the next day on Monday, May 16. Niinistö said that he did not believe in a scenario in which Russia would attack Finland – not before, not now. The Russian president considered Helsinki's decision a mistake, noting that Finland had previously been neutral and Russia was not a threat. Video posted on YouTube. On the eve of Helsinki, they officially decided to join NATO, Putin called such a step erroneous ” alt=”The President of Finland doubted the possibility of a “Russian attack”” />
Sauli Niinistö
Finland used to be neutral, but now Europe is divided and there are not many options left to remain non-bloc, Finnish President Sauli Niinistö told CNN. Materials for the article Authors Tags Subscribe to Telegram

Источник “I don't believe they planned any attack against Finland, then or now,” — added Niinistö. In addition, he continued, the Russian authorities may not want public discussion of this topic among the inhabitants of the country, or in fact take this topic more calmly. Read on RBC Pro Pro Excessive optimism and other traps that prevent you from getting out of the crisis Instructions Pro Advertising as a cure for depression: how Kellogg's survived the recession of the 1930s What will happen to other streaming services? The conversation between Putin and Niinistö took place the day before— May 14. The Russian president did not “repeate the threats from his subordinates,” calling the Helsinki decision a mistake, he continued. First of all, Russia followed the cooperation between Finland and NATO and could notice that both sides are already cooperating as closely as the status of an alliance partner country allows, Niinistö suggested. At the same time, the Finnish government noted that they were not afraid of the possible consequences of joining the alliance. According to Putin, such a change of course in foreign policy could “negatively affect Russian-Finnish relations.