The United States announced the reflection of the deterrence of “aggression” of Russia in the NATO concept

The White House then explained that the reason for this was, among other things, “the aggressive policy and actions of Russia; challenges to our collective security. Strategic Concept— NATO's flagship document, last updated in November 2010. The broadcast was conducted on YouTube. “The new NATO strategic concept will become the basis for an era of strategic rivalry,” announced the secretary general of the organization Jens Stoltenberg on May 15. Materials to the article Authors Tags Subscribe to RuTube RBC Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our RuTube channel

Источник The countries of the alliance also touch upon the topic of providing assistance to those states that have been subjected to aggression, the interlocutors of the agency said. NATO also indicates that over the past ten years, “the world has changed radically”, strategic competition has grown. According to Bloomberg, NATO may designate Moscow's actions as a direct threat if Russian foreign policy does not change. Russian President Vladimir Putin, during the announcement of the start of a special operation in Ukraine, said that the expansion of NATO to the east causes “special concern and alarm”. Read on RBC Pro Pro Pick up IKEA customers: how advertising campaigns worked after February 24 Pro cases Advertising as a remedy for depression: how Kellogg's survived the 1930s recession a bank for the poor at a cost of $ 6 billion Articles Pro How to get a preferential mortgage: a checklist for employees of IT companies Instructions Pro Why and how to refuse overtime Work Articles Pro Business has queued for cloud services. “The basis of NATO, the basis of the strategic concept is the concept of defense and deterrence. What services are in demand? “It will identify the security challenges facing the Alliance and outline the political and military tasks that NATO will undertake to address them.” ,— stated on the website of the alliance. In mid-March, the Foreign Ministry announced that relations between Russia and NATO had reached a “zero mark”, accusing the bloc of suspending military and civilian cooperation with the Russian side since 2014 and ignoring Moscow's security concerns. This led to the formation of the alliance. In his opinion, the alliance has become “an instrument of foreign policy”; Washington. The concept was intended to be prepared for the summit this year. The US Secretary of State warned that NATO's updated strategic concept would reflect a policy of deterring “any aggression” from Russia. Bloomberg wrote that the alliance could call Moscow's actions a direct threat in the document

Anthony Blinken
The new strategic concept of NATO will fully reflect the deterrence of any manifestation of “aggression”; Russia, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said during a press conference in Berlin following the meeting of the foreign ministers of the alliance countries. And this includes, among other things, the containment of any aggression on the part of Russia,»,— said Blinken.