What is the age limit for military service under a contract?

Why was the age limit abolished? Now citizens from  18 years of age can do contract military service. As Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Nikolai Pankov previously stated, Russians who are in reserves in the rank private or sergeant, are on military records up to 50 years. The law excludes the age limit for both Russian citizens of working age and  foreigners, under which they can conclude the first contract for military service. Source
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Источник aif.ru The document also says that the implementation of such approaches will help to attract specialists in demanded specialties, primarily related to civilians (medical support , engineering units, maintenance, operation, communications, etc.). «Citizens or foreign citizens of age 18 years of age have the right to conclude the first contract for military service. Previously, the law provided that the first contract on military service was entitled to be concluded by citizens aged 18 to 40 years, and foreign citizens — aged 18 to 30 years. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putinsigned the law on the abolition of the age limit for concluding the first military service contract. Experience shows that they become such by 40–45 years. The law comes into  force from the day of its official publication», — it is said in the text of the law. What is the current age limit for military service? As noted in the explanatory note, for application high-precision weapons, operation of weapons and military equipment, highly professional specialists are needed.